First the HORIZONS ……then until the LAST VEIL Part 1


In the Duden it says to read……
„Line in the distance, at which sky and earth or sea seem to touch“.

If I speak about „horizons“ then I come close to the word „evolution“ and its meaning dicey even meaningful.
Namely specifically one of the certain evolutionary stages and exactly so it happened also to the Homo/Sapiens = the human being. That stands, I marvel „building blocks“ for (understanding, understanding“ or „wise, clever, clever, reasonable man“) he is according to the biological systematics a kind of the genus Homo from the family of the apes which belongs again to the order of the primates and thus to the higher mammals. I smile a little…..?…and so some astonishment makes itself broad in me !?….je more former situations u. Results caused by mankind at me pass…….
…….think something about it and ask myself finally :

What has involved „this one“ actually in an almost automatic progressing evolution ? I summarize now briefly and claim, it have been the „visible horizons“. Whereby it is to be noticed, horizons represent themselves for mankind actually as inconceivable. Because they hardly tried – to reach them they have already wandered on again. Attention, attention dear reader, the human being asked himself in his lifetimes always and constantly, how it looks behind it, and in all lifetimes of human beings they have also done that, they just looked. It was the overwhelming eternal curiosity, it was always present and will probably remain constantly there ?

It is to be stated, probably nowhere this question asked itself so clearly as at the sea, because there sky and water meet directly at the horizon. I remind now carefully of the history:

It states, for example :
On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the Phoenicians of that time built sailing ships more than three thousand years ago and sailed with them to the borders of „their“ world, which were as transmitted the Pillars of Hercules; and that corresponds to our Gibraltar of today. Another event far in the past. The ships of the Vikings, for example, went out into the until then unknown northern seas, also the Portuguese seafarers dared to look if the earth is not somewhere a disk and could be over with it.
It is just horizons ……..Thinking back, they have always generated a primary desire, namely to find out what is there beyond the sea or behind the mountain ? ….how does it go on there ?…….and the evolution of mankind accelerated increasingly fast.

But it is to be mentioned also the still continuing search for better living conditions, for a more compatible climate, for more favorable people – connections – all this has certainly played a noteworthy role and is to be called today main. I say again the word : „curiosity“. Yes, this word is to be mentioned particularly. Because always also the certainly innate curiosity was present, which was perhaps even the driving force for the spreading of mankind over the whole earth and beyond responsible and responsible. The summary, all oceans are navigated, all terrestrial horizons explored, and in space our high-tech space probes reach ever more distant stars. But with all the examples just mentioned we do not forget the microcosm, because on the search for the really smallest components of the matter, we advance naturally also constantly further.
It is the high energy accelerators, they allow a finer and finer resolution. Now I ask myself the corresponding question :
Does this stop at some point?
– is there a smallest distance after which still must be researched ?
– Are there actually still horizons and borders, in the big or in the small, in space or time, which are unreachable or impassable and not to be explored for us?

But please do not forget and think constantly of it, every horizon forms not only a spatial, but also a temporal border, yes, therefore also temporal border crossings arise. If a traveler in past times saw a distant mountain range on the horizon, then he knew that he would see the country lying behind it only many hours later. So his, let me call it „horizon of knowledge“ had a spatial dimension in kilometers and a temporal dimension in hours. It is also this form of horizon, it has spurred people to get ahead and behind as quickly as possible. That is why, for example, people quickly realized that the use of horses at that time brought the traveler much faster to the mountain range. For a long time this was the best solution for the people living at that time. Now a word known to many, the post station, known from „Wild West“ movies. Post stations were also established, where tired riders and horses were replaced by rested ones, and in this way, for example, news could be spread with amazing speed for that time. It is worth mentioning that more than three thousand years ago such systems existed in ancient Egypt, Persia and China, and in the Roman Empire, which followed historically, mail riders were able to cover 300 kilometers in twenty-four hours. Post riders and just stagecoaches determined the degree of convenience of travel and the speed of news transmission until, it is hard to believe, the 19th century. The famous Pony Express also played a major role in opening up the American West, requiring more than 400 horses to carry mail from the East Coast to California in ten days. Attention, think about the procedure of the election of the American president, still today he is elected in November and sworn in only in January in Washington. The two months in between then gave Californians time to ride to the East Coast and celebrate or resent.
Even the end of the most despicable Thirty Years War in 1648 was still proclaimed by a postal rider.
Now, if we combine the spatial and temporal aspects of accessibility, we get a much more interesting new form of horizon, which I will call very simply

the border of accessibility

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