First the Horizons……..then until the Last VEIL Part 4


Wolfgang Korsus Dipl.-Ing. NT, Astrophysiker


the certainly third-smallest building blocks of the matter

because one has investigated the forces between nucleons, …became also time…, this investigation has shown that we have probably not arrived yet at an end. The interactions occurring thereby and different excitation states of nucleons showed, it is necessary a further infrastructure : A nucleon consists thus of three coupled quarks – these are so strongly coupled together that namely an infinitely high energy would be necessary to split a nucleon into quarks. This again says clearly, -A single quark cannot exist therefore -.

They are an inseparable part of a larger entity. More understandably, then, the quarks, for us, are the parts of a larger, more complex entity, and that is precisely their essential property. They are eternally coupled with other quarks, with which they then form nucleons as larger units.

If we consider thoughtfully our present world and the world of the existing quarks, we notice an essential difference: It is a world without vacuum, without empty space, and they can never escape from this world, just as nobody can escape from the inside of a black hole.
Because the universe has constantly expanded since the big bang, the world of quarks was not always only an aspect of the microcosm. I presuppose we know the film of the expansion of the world, let’s rewind it once, then galaxies are pressed into each other, stars become clouds of dense, hot gas, and attention, there is less and less empty space. If we continue even further and approach the Big Bang in time, the energy density of the universe exceeds that of a single nucleon, and there is no longer any vacuum. In other words, in its very earliest time, the world consisted of a primordial matter of densely compressed quarks. Or differently described, the complete universe was behind the horizon at that time, which strangely only the quarks see today.

This is an attempt to represent the matter schematically up to the so-called „quark

One can see the picture also as a kind of reduction chain with the quarks as the last components of the matter.

Now an easily to explain horizon history can be drawn by me.
So wherever mankind has looked, on earth or in the universe, in the big or in the small, always the already mentioned horizons appeared, as a kind of borders, and behind it always further and again further. The human being has always searched desperately or also open-mindedly for the last borders, and this already millennia-old search has certainly contributed her part to form the mankind so, as it is today. Let us, dear reader, quietly look back once again and remember how the search began.

……….it follows Part 5

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