The cosmos says: „Significant things“ The world before the Big Bang…..Yes ! Part 4

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Part 4


I turn back to the multiverse and say that the whole thing should also be imagined spatially and temporally, in continuous expansion. If I focus on the white triangles as the aforementioned newly created universes, then I can see the picture as incorrect, because according to my current knowledge, the black primordial world has expanded much faster than the white one, which in turn has led to the creation of new universes.  My conclusion from this is as follows: our entire universe, from the „Big Bang“ to the present day, is only one of an infinite number of other universes that have come into being in a similar way. I consider that Copernicus had already abolished the then prevailing idea of the earth as the center of the world and thus deprived most untrained people of the special status in the universe that was so preached. Today’s sensible world view also takes it away from our non-universe. For remember, it is only one of the many small triangles, and we do not and will never know what happens in the others. Once again, various questions arise from this idea! Because, to put it in a nutshell: „our world today is only possible because the various > constants of nature < have the values that we find.“ So let me add the following thought: „If electrons had a greater weight, or rather were heavier, or if protons decayed more easily, then our world would simply not exist. I simply ask, why do they have exactly these values, which are necessary for our existence? A not exactly satisfactory suggestion on my part looks like this: „Perhaps the values of the natural constants in the various universes of the multiverse are randomly distributed and our universe just happened to get the „right“ ones.

However, it pains me to distinguish this idea from that of a deliberate „creation“.

That’s why I feel compelled to say: „My view of the creation of our universe in a larger framework and, of course, purely from the outside, is indeed so.

But let’s make it simple again and go back to our world. The firmly documented astronomical observations made by Edwin Hubble at the Mount Wilson Observatory in California in the 1920s clearly show that distant galaxies are constantly moving further away from us, and all the faster the further away they are.

This both confirms and tells us that the whole of space is expanding.

If we now ask who or what is responsible for this, we get simple answers:

It is demonstrably the dark space energy that has remained in its current normal state.

The research results also have a past. Let’s go back a bit and reach the Belgian physicist and „priest“ ? Georges Lemaître almost a hundred years ago, he deduced the Big Bang as the beginning of our world ( mai just like that without thinking about whether it could be everything. I say : No (assumed effect without previous cause ) measurements have shown that it must have taken place about fourteen billion years ago. Probably the most „essential“ confirmation of the Big Bang theory was given when the American physicists Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson discovered in 1964 the glow of the Big Bang that remains to this day, the cosmic „background radiation“ . So I am talking about part of the energy released by the decay of the false normal state, which over time turned into photons, i.e. particles of light. In the, let’s call it starting phase of the world’s development, these photons were interacting with all the other electrically charged particles produced. But a little (little) later, I’m still working on this topic, the particles annihilated each other and thus brought additional photons into play, which initially interacted with the remaining charged particles. In the long term, however, electrically neutral atoms were formed from positive and negative particles and the photons‘ time of interaction came to an end: they were now free, decoupled from any form of matter, and have been able to propagate unhindered ever since. This „decoupling“ can also be determined, namely around 380,000 years after the „Big Bang“. However, the photons that were still present at this time have been traveling ever since, flying freely through our space. This (space) has, as I said, continued to expand, which means that the wavelength of the photons has constantly increased and this wavelength determines the temperature of the photon gas. This means that the temperature of the cosmic background radiation has dropped from around 300,000 degrees Kelvin at the time of decoupling to around 3 degrees Kelvin today. It was precisely this 3-degree radiation that Penzias and Wilson had measured. There are now many precise measurements of this radiation in all regions and directions of the sky. And no matter where you measure, the result is always 2.72548 ± 0.00057 degrees Kelvin, identical up to the fourth decimal place. This means that the universally remaining light of the Big Bang is incredibly well known and actually the same everywhere up to this accuracy. How could it be otherwise, but this leads to a new serious problem → → → →

Let’s imagine a small region of the universe at the eastern end of the sky, which at the time of photon decoupling was many light years away from another region at the western end. So no communication was possible between the two areas or regions. But why then did both areas synchronize their radiation temperatures so perfectly? How were the „choirmasters“ able to manage the simultaneous use of their respective choirs in completely separate areas? A strange example, isn’t it? This puzzle or „problem“ has kept cosmologists busy for decades, and today they believe they have found the solution in the form of a huge „inflation“.

I will, of course, continue with the explanation, but I will say now that this is the only way it could have happened !……….At first there was only a small, hot, dense patch of pure primordial matter, it was in local thermal equilibrium, like a gas at a given temperature and pressure. Then suddenly inflation began („Big Bang“ !? ), the actual transition from the wrong to the right normal state, which I have already mentioned several times. This created these „spots“. spatially expanded many times over in a very short time, i.e. into areas that could no longer communicate with each other……. and the energy released in the process was transformed into the particles of our world, including photons. And during this expansion, the smallest remaining irregularities in the system were of course also largely smoothed out. Only such a process allows us to understand why even causally unconnected systems can have exactly the same temperature, for example: They were, before an explosive expansion separated them by light years, together under the same conditions in the same container, pot or even…….  What is separated today ♾ was once together and could thus communicate. I have tried to illustrate this in the following picture.

 Cosmic inflation

…… Brief explanation on my part:

The diagram above shows that in the inflationary process, the length scale increased by a huge factor = 1026 within 10¯³⁴ seconds. My attempt: This was the „Big Bang“, to translate it into today’s dimensions. The space of the „primordial bubble“ also expanded at a speed that easily exceeds the speed of light by a factor of more than 1050.

I therefore conclude that this was an absolutely unique process, even in the context of all current physical concepts. However, this does not mean that it is not constantly repeated in the creation of further universes in the multiverse. For us, on the other hand, it remains unique because we cannot verify the fate of the other universes. The new picture of inflation therefore clarifies two questions at once. Firstly, it shows how a universe like ours came into being from the primordial world. And at the same time, it explains why causally distant regions in our universe exhibit the same conditions. The cosmic background radiation observed by the aforementioned scientists therefore contains more information than was initially assumed. It is our only opportunity to search for the following: whether something has remained from the flash of the Big Bang, from the transition from the wrong to the right state of the primordial universe. On the other hand, the universal temperature value of the radiation shows us that a dramatic spatial expansion, inflation, took place together with the transition. But this brings us to the next question: How could something like matter emerge from the hot medium of the primordial world at the end of the process, in those very first moments after the Big Bang?

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