Before The Big Bang…..??? Part 2


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Now I will try to explain. A few examples follow which point to an enormously important fact, they explain and confirm hopefully also what has been said.

The question of the cosmology is called:


I begin with the first example. Imagine we have an arbitrarily large water tank at our disposal. Filled with a „sea“ of water. It has a fixed temperature. There are no external influences. Now we dive in. We notice, here there is only uniform water at all times.( yesterday, today, tomorrow) Consider the time is meaningless. Also the space is against any displacement without meaning, think of a change of your position.

Now we bridle the horse from the other side !
The water is supposed to be in the interstellar space, the gravity steps out of force, is therefore without effect. So we miss above and below.
The imagined temperature of the water approaches the boiling point.
Generally then steam bubbles are formed….and they are then areas of lower density than that of the surrounding water.

On our planet, that is, terrestrially, steam bubbles now rise. They escape into the air and finally they expand then further. With this simplified picture one could describe very simply the emergence of a new world. The hot water would be the original medium, and each of the bubbles later forms a universe of some kind. This is boiling water !!!
The next description is certainly more highly interesting, it is you following variant.

Again water is the processed medium and even the container has super smooth walls. Under these conditions the temperature can be raised up to about 110 degrees Celsius, nothing earth-shattering happens. There is only a crystal clear boiling delay!
The water is now in a metastable state: But every caused smallest vibration or unevenness leads now to the fact that explosively a large bubble forms. This prevents water vapor from forming and escaping. But after the escape, the density of the medium in the bubble decreases quite a bit. Further, there is also a time and the time direction.
Attention, the water before considered was also timeless and the question of time does not arise, water is and remains water.
Only by the escape of the bubble, time arises, then these processes take place. The water molecules separate more and more, because expirations take place, during which the water molecules move further away in the course of certain time periods and occupy the air regions. Today’s „experts“ think that the big bang was in a certain way a comparable process.

Let us consider this example still a little more purposefully. There is a normal condition of water. To this belong fixed conditions. Normal condition means: At sea level, below zero degrees Celsius, it is ice, from zero to one hundred degrees it is liquid, and above one hundred degrees it is steam.
If water changes this normal state from one to the next, e.g. , melting or evaporation, these are phase transitions. Only we have previously heated the water up to ten degrees above the boiling point without evaporation.It is therefore still liquid in a temperature range in which it should actually already be steam. It is, according to physics terminology, in a false normal state, and every slightest disturbance then brings it into the correct state, namely water vapor.

Again to remember. Overheated water, then the system is in an unstable state thus artificially excessive energy, therefore in the false normal state; the absolutely „real“ normal state corresponds to lower energy, I notice at the transition from the false to the correct state energy is released, everything splashes apart.
There are some examples of this imagined situation in our daily world. You have certainly heard of this example, which is relatively well known. It is the ball at rest on the mountain. It is caused by the smallest vibration that it wants to go down into the existing plane. The ball on the mountain is once again in the wrong, unstable state.

Before you read on, please think about it !

The ball has simply a high potential energy, why? That has reached the attraction of the earth. Of course compared to the ball at rest below. What happens when the ball rolls down ? It loses the higher energy when rolling down and has converted it into kinetic kinetic energy when rolling down. That was the story of the energy consideration of a ball rolling down from the mountain.

Well, it is a new consideration that is very similar to the previous ones. Well, and continue, I say to it. But everything is based on the same directions in which this consideration runs. However, there are different aspects that are very close to the earth, that is, earthly. I come to the conclusion, the water is not that, as was not to be expected differently. Water as a picture for the primeval medium, in which the bubbles of developing universes are formed, is absolutely not specially suitable.

In the cosmos the theoretical consideration looks completely different, because finally our universe is not static. We just know that. The universe expands spatially more and more.

Again summarized the first time most important: We live in an earthly world, it is a purely „static place“. It, the earthly world forms a „static stage“ for the everyday course of the outgoing events.
But internalize, the cosmos is not static. Light years distant galaxies disappear to us into ever larger distant widths. The complete space itself expands constantly more and more, and in spite of this expansion, it plays no role for us locally. If one considers it however in the large one, then this has serious consequences.

Perhaps it is now valuable to be able to understand the „big and whole“ better; the attempt of an explanation. We are on one side of an immensely large hall. We want to reach a door opposite as quickly as possible. We can do this on foot at the following speed: normal walking speed. I say about 1m/sec. But while we walk, the room expands steadily. Note: with more than 1m/sec. Result: we would never reach the saving door.
The door moves into ever greater distance from it.

……and so that it sticks in our calculating machine(head), still another example !

A similar fate suffers a „fast snail“ !!! It exerts itself enormously on an inflatable balloon from the equator to the North Pole to creep. When you inflate the ball you have to know the expansion speed of the balloon, because the pole will move further and further away. It will never reach it. Its speed is too low.

The previous given examples show clearly that the expiration of processes by the spatial expansion of the ball represents fundamentally a spatial expansion of the space to the expiration time of the concerned spatiotemporal process.
I continue after a short, in my eyes very significant statement on the level of the cosmos.
I ask the following question :
What produces the actually proved expansion of the cosmos ???
We know certainly the gravity provides for the fact that an attraction between truly all celestial bodies is present or works better. (see Einsteins REMARK)……sie works just between all agglomerations of normal energy. It must be something very mysterious that compensates the gravitational attraction………….. „but it even produces the detectable expansion of the universe.“

It is in my eyes a space energy. In the technical world you have surely already heard the term – DARK ENERGY!!!

We consider now the empty space, of course from cosmological view ! See there or you know the so-called empty space is not empty, but evenly filled with a really invisible energy. Let’s consider its density… is only very small. But, but this energy drives him constantly to further expansion.

Earthly assumed or normally, as we know it, the energy density would decrease with such an expansion. Think !…….sie remains constant and has always and everywhere the same value, one calls it “ Ʌ“?
Such a constancy seems hardly possible at first sight: If a total volume increases with constant energy density, the total energy does not become more. So where does this come from? It sounds like a violation of the conservation of energy? There is also a solution for this case. I say it once completely unbiased, for riddles there is always a solution…….!!!

The general relativity theory, it is worthwhile to throw a look into it. Because there is an extremely meaningful description of the gravity by space deformation.
I find a simple example of this is already present with the ball on the mountain, because the kinetic energy of the ball at the top of the mountain is simply zero, but at the bottom it is clearly different from zero. From this the simple question arises? Where does the created energy come from? Easy to answer…..alone by the mountain-and-valley structure naturally a difference in the gravitational field between above and below arises, and this supplies halt * as difference in the potential energy *, namely the additional kinetic energy.
Let us consider the linkage in the cosmic world. There also energy is linked with space. The increase of the space energy by the expansion is rewarded with a decisively increased deformation of the space.


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