The pope, the well-known Monster !


Wolfgang Korsus  Dipl.-Ing.NT, Astrophysiker

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You believing Christians worldwide, do you still not notice anything in this global earth time? You have been bathed too hot, then on the scalded body still Christian powder…..that can not go well.

Your spiritual father, this Pope, has not even the mind and the associated reason to publicly condemn this genocide ( Ukraine war) instigated by a „nothing“. By the way, popes had never done that before.

A piece of advice from me: Stop believing in the fairy tale figure „God“. These associations that call themselves Christians simply make themselves rich with your hard- or easy-earned money for thousands of years…God is a concept formed by humans themselves. It is in my eyes, mentally severely confused and frightened people who run after the word.

Living beings die in most natural cases in a normal way. The non-natural cases are always man made. Murder, death, accident, war, etc. and on and on. ……..

The end of the history will take place only….when there is no more man, or do you believe about a particularly different evolution ?!

I not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??

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