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The human being lives if one looks times into the annual statistics not yet too long on the earth. Since when do humans actually exist? Good question…..
The Australopithecus, also called pre-human, lived already from 2 to 4.2 million years. Of course, this can not be determined exactly. Pre-human lived in Africa, and he could already walk upright and use the simplest tools. However, his brain was not significantly larger than that of an ape. Other living creatures had been around longer.
Let’s continue with numbers….. 1.4 to 2.3 million years ago, Homo habilis lived in eastern Africa. The so-called prehistoric man already had a much larger brain than the prehuman. On the menu were mainly plants and already dead animals.
Many of them, the people, have certainly often thought about this world in which they just live. But how did it come into being, why is it like this and not completely different?
Will it remain so or does it change? Was it also in primeval times already so and why do we live on it? Questions are always satisfying when you get a plausible answer.
We can confidently assume that all cultures have made statements to the previously listed questions. Certainly they were never the same that is certain.
The processes they have seen have all had a beginning and an end, like the lives of those who are no longer here.

The questions with which only few of the now living deal could be called:
– Our existing universe has that had a beginning, and will there be an end? –

Just if times in the evening or at night the human being looks into the starry sky, then it seems to ask quite naturally, how all that I can see has originated, and how big is that, how long does it still exist.

Such thoughts make themselves the fewest people. Also understandable, because many of them think mostly of the present, a little bit of their own Zuknft and ultimately they are usually highly disinterested.
I tend to accept these „many“. We as mankind are really only a small „flyspeck“ of something infinitely „big“.
Only differently than the other living beings we have the ability also to ask something…and this makes us to something special!

Strange is however, with the search for answers, on the questions mentioned by me before, the world religions have originated guaranteed. Not to forget…..many world views and philosophies also.
But finally and not to forget, the natural sciences, self-evident and proven.
I come very gladly on one of the special sciences to speak. It is the cosmology, because it is especially responsible for the questions about the quite „big“.
Everything what follows now to the corresponding topic is based on comprehensible investigations of science. I prefer to say „our“ science.
So no resentment before and after what you have read now. Just let it „sink“ in your mind.
Little by little it seemed that the answers to the known questions seemed to contradict each other in many things. But it must be said, the contradictions that arose were often quite superficial in nature, and the basic ideas, however, coincided more than was first thought.

A very important statement is to be stated by us today, namely the cosmology ventures into areas which are for many physicists long since no more pure natural science, but it ventures into strange areas which are in no case more „experimentally“ verifiable.

With this, from me created contribution I would like to describe the essential stages ( sprawling time periods ) the origin of our universe.
My answer quite simply formulated is the following:
-as they could have resulted after the conception of the today’s cosmology and physics. –

There were already living beings, i.e. people who reached the knowledge as a result of pure logical thinking a few thousand years ago, what is considered as „scientific“ knowledge nowadays.

But today everything behaves somewhat differently, results can be confirmed or not confirmed only by experiments. That means very simple, that is without contradiction. From this it follows, the long practiced metaphysics releases its veil for a, so to say, pure and unadulterated physics. But nevertheless or better therefore there are extremely and also very interesting ideas on the market of cosmology. Not rarely some researcher takes the word “ multiverse and wormholes in the mouth. Everything of course in space and time. But without delay I point out, such a „world“ will never be attainable for the research of people !……
I myself therefore come to the incontestable statement, …..
„a world of man made ideas will always be damn bigger than a world of the verifiable“.

This again clearly indicates that these particular thoughts will live on in natural science as long as mankind will exist. As mentioned before, confirmation or the opposite will never take place.
I turn very gradually times to the so-called basic questions In our world, therefore the today’s time.
They are simply core questions of the physics, astrophysics and not to forget, the cosmology. Only these sciences will be able to say corresponding to it in my opinion:

1.) Our universe, how and from what has it actually originated? this present world of course in space and time? Also the question, what was before? And what comes afterwards? ….she must be asked of course !
2.) Another important question is called: What are actually the basic building blocks of the matter in our world, and which forces determine their binding?
3.) How has arisen from a very structureless early world an endless, today’s variety in form and structure?

Answers which I can give nowadays to the above questions have a very speculative nature and still meet with contradiction in many places. But one thing is certain, they are interesting enough to be pursued further by scientists coming after me. I consider this as the goal of my still coming multiple contributions!

Let us look back for the beginning a relatively short time, about 35 years. The first of the above questions was simply declared inadmissible and not necessary by almost all research circles.

The beginning, that was after all the big bang, and the questioning about „before“, that doesn’t make any sense. One declared without a contradiction to be expected: „Before“ stupid question. It should not or did not need to be asked this question, there was simply no „before“ !

I myself have always wondered at this attitude of many colleagues, can a physicist think like this. Most strangely it touched me if they made it also still publicly in lectures.
Very many well-known greats made it truly a dogma. The truth claim was established a certain time as irrefutable.
My personal opinion to this topic is called:

– an effect without cause does not exist –

Today it is to be stated that many physicists and cosmologists have discarded the „no before dogmatism“. We speak there rather of an expanding bubble in a hot primeval world. It is quasi the emergence of the universe. Whereby the bubble is to be seen also in the plural.

One can call this change in the way of looking also the second Copernican revolution. Yes, so it is……

Certainly, our solar system, neither our galaxy, nor our cosmos is the end of all things. There are certainly many other, similar or also to ours dissimilar worlds – worlds which we can reach guaranteed never and will, but which exist perhaps nevertheless. The big bang is just a physical process like others also – and I am the opinion therefore it is not a unique event how it ends stands in the stars. …. one will never know it.
One I say today already, the progress of the particle physics, even speaking the question about the basic building blocks of our today’s world as well as about their predecessors in earlier development stages, can be answered thanks to the not stopping research soon. The theorists have a dream, whether it will come true, I dare to doubt. They would like to have a theory in which all elementary particles and all elementary interactions from the strong to the weak nuclear force are united to one form. Imagining is not forbidden, and they may dream of the realization. One calls the aforementioned the „theory of the big unification“, would be nice because it must lead forced on a primeval world of high symmetry, there all particles will be treated equally.
The cooling of the universe then causes additional symmetry breaking and also different interactions. Quite incidentally how the gravity fits in there, however, still remains a mystery for me.

Let’s look at our world once concerning the development of the variety, and it can be stated there are quite different and probably even very contradictory models.
Now let’s have a quick look at the second law of thermodynamics, …….
# The Second Law of Thermodynamics makes statements about the direction of processes and the principle of irreversibility. From the Second Law the definition of the thermodynamic temperature and the state variable „entropy“ can be derived.
….denn this predicts an increase of the development on an ever larger disorder. Thus the time is given a direction.
It comes now to the question : does also arise in the whole universe more and more disorder and with it an amorphous, better formless end ?

But be careful, I cannot agree with this without objection.
1. it is proved, the universe is subject to a progressive expansion see (Edwin Hubble)
2. this known expansion provides for the fact that a reaching of a thermodynamic equilibrium is prevented on a long-term basis.
3. in addition said, the gravity is such a dominating force, it provides for the fact that a gas becoming colder and colder together with a uniform distribution of the matter provides for the fact that our universe does not point to a stable state. Our previous research says simply, as long as the gravity shows its effect, it is thermodynamically more favorable in this world of galaxies in the empty space, than a presenting uniform gas of particles.

If we look back to the last 35 years, then one finds, In the before mentioned three areas a lot has happened in the last 35 years. Our ideas have not become true more correct but they have been changed. Two of crucial importance established working methods of our natural science have come to their limits. The reduction (the smallest building blocks of the matter?) ends with the inseparable quarks, and the expansion (earth, solar system, galaxy, universe) ends guaranteed with the multiverse.
But now go into the primeval world. What is that then? ….. I hear many questions.

Before now, however, a few completely confused believers my they must take out the thickest fairy tale book of the world, and from it read out like an absolutely humanly made God the world let develop, I rather continue with my scientific thoughts. Fairy tales one tells gladly small children, me however please not!!!

I must go with my Gdanken in retreat to show me again the picture of a primeval world. Not so easy to make this description as understandable as possible. I start with a draft. But I will correct it step by step with the results of scientific research.

I will summarize my idea with a few examples. Dear reader, always remember, „ideas and examples“. Nothing is confirmed unequivocally……….that it was actually so!!!???


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