A question envers person should ask himself !

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How many people actually live on planet earth? Every second the world population on earth increases by 2.5 % people. That would be:

  • Per minute: 150 people
  • Per day: 216,000 people
  • Per year: 78 million people

That is why some articles state that 2.5
people are born.
It turns out that this is of course a mistake, because it is the increase in people, so „born people“ MINUS
„dead people“

Every year about 137 million people are born (4.3/s), and 58 million die (1.8/s)

More than 7.7 billion people live on earth in mid-July 2019. In 2050, according to the UN population forecast, there will be 9.7 billion people and in 2100, according to my research, 12.1 billion people will live on the planet.
This means that every year the number of people on earth will grow by 82 million. That is roughly equivalent to the population of Germany. Birth rates are particularly high in countries like sub-Saharan Africa and in India, for example. The strong
Population growth there and in a few other countries, in addition to the social and political development, contributes to this. Not to forget: nature and the environment are constantly being polluted. However, the per capita emission of climate-damaging gases such as carbon dioxide in these countries is negligible compared to the rich countries of the northern hemisphere.

Now some numbered vegetables – . . . . . .from some organs :

The UN estimates 9.7 billion people by 2050. From 2017 on, the number of people would increase by an average of 2.15 people per second. The share of the earth’s inhabitants among Africans will increase from 13% to about 25% in 2100, while the share of Europeans will decrease slightly. ( is expected ) India will be one of the countries most responsible for the overpopulation. As far as the population is concerned, India produces people like the baker who bakes rolls every day (who else?)

Unrestrained growth? …..yes, without a doubt

Over the last 2 decades it has been predicted that the population will stagnate at 9-10 billion. ( which dreamers say this ?) According to a study of the University of Washington, however, up to 12.3 billion people will populate the perhaps still blue planet by the end of this century. (Really serious, unfortunately it will be true) Today it is already 5 past 12

These are some numbers to digest and think about…….for the „old generation…..for the new generations and all coming generations.

…..and who is responsible for this – and the even more aggravating situation in the future ????????
That is succinctly expressed… the simplest of the simple !!!!!!!!

It is always and without exception the „big-heads“.
If you are not familiar with this expression, an easy to remember explanation:

  • powerful, influential female or male person of the public life, especially in the fields of politics and economy and ….rule!? not to forget !

Yes well, if it were only a big-headed person we are talking about, that would be good, but wrong, there are millions on this planet. They are elected, proposed, or just appoint themselves……
. . . and all of a sudden, the issue of climate change comes up today.

The issue of people and climate change is as much a part of it as shirts and pants. But the crucial difference is : Climate change is caused solely by man

  • What does climate change have to do with an insanely large increase in humanity?
  • Why does global temperature rise year after year?
  • What is a steady increase of CO ² values worldwide ?

The truly simplest answer of the world to these 3 questions is :

Humanity must reduce itself urgently and rationally!

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