Cause and effect „A causality“ Extra

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The first part may read for some of you like a kind of „preface“ and it is allowed to do so

The largest fairy tale book of this planet (the Bible), created by humans, speaks:

The first time faced with the choice between paradise and knowledge, man, according to the Bible, has chosen knowledge. I can understand clearly. Because please, dear reader of this book , if you dare in the year 2022 to look unambiguously on the realizations made by people up to this day and their results, then you will see in vain a paradise. But a man-made actual chaos in oversized form find. ….Entropy !?

But were these actually opposites? Because it turned out that for many the gain of knowledge and the wider horizon outside the garden „Eden“ brought as much happiness and satisfaction as the lost paradise.
Bible End………

As long as there are people (Homo Sapiens), they wanted to explore the world, from time immemorial, because after all they lived and live here and they always wanted to know what lies beyond the next horizon, which they saw just new in front of them. There was from that time an irrepressible curiosity and it has triggered an urge or much more accurate, a journey. This journey began about 200,000 years ago in a far corner of Africa, exactly the place is not to be determined also by the appropriate specialists, but it brought the jeweelig living humans also to the remotest corners of the existing micro planet „earth“.

I remind times in all brevity: the oceans known today were already navigated, all, but really all continents with various aircrafts were flown over. As well as technical splendors of space probes penetrate ever more deeply into the „space“ and thus we explore ever more distant galaxies and perhaps also some earth-similar planets !?…..a very meager „perhaps“.

Now I turn with pleasure to the microcosm, there by high-energy particle accelerators the matter is dissolved in ever higher measure. That is, one examines its smallest components and their interactions – and explores how everything is put together. So today I ask the expected question, „Is there, then, an end at which our continuing search ever encounters insurmountable limits ? Both in the large and in the small?

However, one thing can be proved as a matter of course, respectively hair-exactly, namely in the past a little more than hundred years just the physics and cosmology have shown that there are truly and actually such limits.

On the other hand, there are also numerous still unexplored areas of the universe into which we are never able to penetrate.

So let’s go, now typically human, let’s explore just these areas in our imaginations and speculations or much better, travel. Because it will not be enough for more. The appearance and the constructions of these areas is worth a lot of questions, only whether we will receive signs of their existence and form, there I say „no“ !

The distance shows up as not scientifically comprehensible !!!!!!!!!!!.

In my opinion, it ends in the infinity. If one can speak at all of infinity……

Let’s remain briefly with unreachable areas, they exist in those distant parts of the universe, in which, it should be mentioned, the space expands with more than light speed. Closer to situated in various galaxies they are produced by black holes, in which the gravity is so strong that it even holds the light captive. In the area of the microcosm, however, the quarks are forever limited in their world of extreme density, without empty space, and they can never escape from this world. If we consider the big bang as origin of the universe, our world consisted in her early stages also of matter, but of extreme density and heat.


In CERN one examines by high-energy particle collisions the interactions which develop under such conditions. From this it becomes understandable that the universe must have gone through some different states in its evolution. The question follows on the foot: What were these for states which have disappeared today for us behind enormous temporal horizons?

It is a pity that no information can be transferred from the unreachable areas into our world, but strange signs and states can appear from time to time, which point us at least to the existence of those areas. Such signs are made possible by quantum effects. The forms of radiation investigated by Stephen Hawking and William Unruh are examples of effects of this kind, which can appear whenever quantum fluctuations take place at a horizon, which contains different causality areas.

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