„The [must] before the big bang.“ Part 1


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Dear readers of my blogs. Before you continue reading my new following blogs I must make a short statement. I am asked again and again in my last topics like { Before the Big Bang ? } not to wander so much into the subfields of physics, because there it is often too scientific for many………which I consider quite normal. One asks me therefore to bring this topic more generally understandably over.

I decided to write therefore the following parts parallel to the before mentioned more understandably and will title these contributions therefore also differently.

„The [must] before the big bang“.

I begin quite loosely, and begin as follows……..So I would like to tell you today something about new developments in cosmology and of course also in physics. The last made most important developments of both sciences lie about 120 years back, mainly for myself only 35 years.
My own most important thoughts and also their results go back to the year 1979, so according to Adam Riese it is already 42 years.
At that time the question arose for me quite shortly after my study :
– The big bang, was that already everything? ………….or „must“ there still have been something? –

I came quite fast to the result: Yes, there must have been indeed still something. Because the big bang and everything what followed after it had to do only something with the fact „effect“. But behind it actually an unwritten law hides itself,……every „effect“ has guaranteed a „cause“……So I made myself on the search for it. It took about two full time-calculating years and a result had come to stand. The result on the question: What was before the big bang ?

I would like to tell you about it in this contribution. Surely, this question is justified, but, is actually someone interested in this…or a few? I am convinced it has given in the history of mankind often enough occasions where just the physics and the cosmology have stimulated the thought impulses for the mankind and their interest. Therefore I am very sure that it will be guaranteed with this report the case.

I know also, it is extremely meaningful that I time carefully and slowly the details line up and give from me. There are actually statements which have been considered as completely foreign for a long time, but which have caused some special directions of thinking since short time.

I begin nevertheless primarily with the initial question. This one keeps embarrassing me to bring the „damn“ topic of religion and God into the debate. You can probably already tell, I am a despiser of the aforementioned two words. Even the word „faith“ always brings before my eyes the thousands of years of senseless thinking of the respective lived or still living people.

I start with the question: how did the world come into being?

Don’t be frightened, this question, how it should be also different, has been the initial question in all religions. Sparsely also the world views have devoted themselves to this question. However one is difficult to understand, „the physics was differently oriented at that time“. It was represented even up to 120 years ago the opinion that the universe has always been there. A beginning, no, it has not had that. You can hardly believe it, even A. Einstein has modified curiously his equation at that time falsely, because he wanted to try to exclude this today as confirmed valid developing universe. A „static“ universe should be reached or should exist.

Just in the religion it was the question number „one“. Because looks times into their truly thick fairy tale book. There it says at the beginning God created „heaven and earth“.
The highest ones of the religion cadres endeavored again and again to cheer a nevertheless believable history under mankind and thus one made without break gleefully further. The so-called first day of the creation had to serve: on it the Almighty created „light and darkness“, on the second then „land and water“…..and immediately !
Already in the first school years I always wanted to know in detail, what does almighty actually mean? One came to me then always with the same answer or the stupid saying and that was:
„God is almighty“

And then the question popped into my head: if God is supposed to be all-powerful, why did it take him so long to create everything? He could have done everything with one blow.

After longer thinking I determined, actually several days are quite meaningful.
First the one then the other ? So already the term „time“ was created.
….so it goes on. The term „space“ arose because something has been positioned here and there……at different places thus different things, land and water. And…so that was the creation, and so on, it is said to have dragged on for days.

The creation of space and time, it is also the first words of Genesis. In the physical sense the statement is quite correct therefore.
….only wrongly formulated: in the beginning God created time and space.
There the next question came up with me. If God created thus sky and earth at the beginning, I asked myself then, what did he make then before? Already I felt requested in the annals of the history to look further…..and I also found.

Especially this question has been asked already at the very beginning of the religions, about some hundred years after Christ. It was just a current topic.
There were actually people who tried to give an answer to it: what did God do before. There lived a certain Augustine, called the Father of the Church.
A very good thinker. He showed it in his Confessiones, which are the Confessions, autobiographical reflections of the Doctor of the Church himself. They were written in the years from 397 to 401 A.D. They were discussed there very persistently and doggedly, and in the process such sayings as the following came out,
– Many of his co-workers liked to comment on creation and how they felt about it: „Before God created heaven and earth, he created hell for those who ask such stupid questions! However Augustinus said to it, this is actually no good answer, because this is also no stupid question, but is a quite meaningful question and he came quite simply and for the following reason to the following conclusion : God has made before nothing, because there was no time before !!!…..gute answer !

– That as a small anecdote, so that it is not too dry -.
So the term before was not asked in religion at all. The term „before“ enters in my opinion only by the ecclesiastical statement of the Schöpfng into the play but dear believers says just never „he has this or that before made.“

So and now Tacheles:
In the physics this looks for good reason somewhat differently, we say and know:

– In the beginning was the big bang !

…….and now the question actually arises again rightly :
what was before ?

And just like in the religion there were a lot of people (experts of course) who said : Stop, this question is an absolute taboo !
One was not allowed to ask that ! I had to swallow also briefly, even someone like the very well-known, English astrophysicist Stephen Hawkingp has once said:

A very silly question, that is so similar as if one asked, what is north of the North Pole ?

Times have something strange about them, they change. So it is of course also with this question. ………Was before ?……..

The taboo became an answer, it was as follows but it was no longer majority. Physicists said now : this is not physics at all – what was before is pure metaphysics. Because physics means to ask something, but also to investigate something, which can be measured experimentally finally. But it is to be considered what has taken place before the big bang one cannot measure experimentally !!!!
….and even if I repeat myself….So this is not physics but
What I now like to give from me is therefore a quite not unanimously accepted topic. Some people said further the physicists should leave the hands of such questions, so as I always say : leave the fingers of it!
But nevertheless, it is discussed furthermore very extensively. I take it simply as an indication that also in physics things are of interest which go beyond what one is normally allowed to do. The question what was before, or also, was something before is basically the
question, is our universe really all there is or are there other things beyond that?
Let’s go back first in the history a few „meters“ and consider what has been. Extremely loosely I say the following:
The said began with the earth as center in a geocentric world view and loosely further told, the sun stepped in its place. Consequently, the sun was in the center. The sun became a star of our Milky Way. The Milky Way a billion of galaxies in the universe known to us. Simply described that means, the whole became almost incomprehensibly bigger. It is easy for me to say: The „world“ as the respective living person saw it, has shrunk more and more. Around us everything became bigger and bigger and we ourselves became smaller and smaller.
Only at it so almost nobody wants to remember. Someone once said that it is like the Copernican revolution. It pushes us more and more from the center to an edge. This edge lets us suspect again, our universe is not the only one but one of completely many.

People who thought exactly the same way in the past and also said it in their public, were simply killed by just the Catholic Church. Exactly these crimes have sometimes been transmitted to the „posterity“ and show clearly what has happened in the name of some religions. About 421 years ago Giordano Bruno fell victim to this religion.
He was burned simply because he had said there are other such systems besides the solar system of the earth. Today I say, there are still quantities of these systems, universes, and I may say with satisfaction, if one asserts it today, one is not burned at least any more.

These things are not measurable, but I take the liberty of saying, „in any case, we are becoming an ever smaller part of something ever larger.“
By „smaller“ I mean the „flyspeck“ often mentioned in my posts, the Earth.

I suggest together we look at this a little closer, quasi more intensively.
Look here, earlier I had spoken briefly of Hawkings prohibition with the north pole on it the today’s cosmology does not join, thus good 30 years is it ago there one speaks of a timeless primeval world, a world, and/or a medium from pure energy exists, even without time without beginning without end and without structure!
In this indicated medium so-called fluctuations can arise but a look far back about 1500 years before a „Christi“. I mention this name of Christ only so that you, dear readers, can make yourselves a historical time conception.

Here is a part of the Indian history hidden. A primeval world which was there before our world. Also in the Indian creation history one speaks of it. It is the Rig-Veda, there it has been said: „at any time there was neither being nor not being only darkness was veiled by darkness and unmistakably this all was surging“. These people at that time already had ideas that there was something before. What was completely different from what we see today, and the imagination today then, that is in this clock world like bubbles in a lava or bubbles in a liquid. Fluctuations arise, and that these fluctuations develop then in each case to universes and our universe is only one of these many universes.

Now the question arises, how can we now start to bring the situation more into the factual. How can one imagine something like just now, something very poetic, from the Rig Veda just mentioned, now more factually ? How can something like that actually happen?
But don’t be afraid, I will approach it step by step. Step by step a little closer.

I simply try to build up the picture of a real happening which corresponds to the predictions of many peoples of the past or better still what represents the real physical result of a process to and before the big bang.

I try it at the beginning primitively with a gigantic water container. You are in the middle of it. The walls and the borders are arbitrarily far away in every direction. One thing is certain for the one staying there, neither the thinking of space and time makes any sense. Because no matter in which direction I move it changes nothing and everything looks the same…….rüber, down, up to the back. Also today and tomorrow says nothing.
Now I ask you dear reader, is not such a medium if it is unimaginably large already a kind of imagination of a truly structureless world ?
………es goes on, do not get tired !
Now I bring this medium water near the boiling point. What happens ? Steam bubbles are formed and as we know, at least on our planet – they rise upwards. They then escape as steam bubbles into the
world above. Again we arrive at the attempt to imagine how probably the emergence of the universe happened. Because the water would be the primeval world and the different bubbles which then rise would be the universes.

So similar would be perhaps a first attempt to imagine like also our universe has originated. …….es is not yet end, because now I drill the picture still a little bit and it becomes far more refined.
……. does not go ?…….. does not give it !
If we heat the water now very carefully then we can bring it over 100 degrees. The technicians call this boiling delay.

So I still have water at 105 degrees, only the water doesn’t like to be water anymore, it prefers to be steam, equivalent to an ice rain that doesn’t want to be water anymore, but prefers to be ice.
It means nothing else than the water would like to reach in each case its normal state, to free itself from this wrong normal state. What it also does, because the smallest disturbance concerning the momentary not wanted state puts it back under release of big energy. So it explodes like a bubble.
Again I like to look at this process, but at an example. It is the resting ball on the mountain, better hill. If now this resting normal state is disturbed then the ball rolls down the hill. Thereby its potential energy changes into the kinetic energy.
I suggest we turn to a third example. It looks as follows, but first a very important correction, or let us call it very simply „remark“.
The first two experimental descriptions are set in a static world. But as many of you already know, we are in a space which is in constant expansion. This is not an assertion alone of me, because it is already 100 years ago, that Hubble had measured this fact – fantastic -.
…… – and the farther away the distant galaxies are, the faster these remove themselves.

This discovery is basically what led to the Big Bang. The Belgian physicist and priest Georges Lemaitre has introduced the idea of the big bang at all with the remark that if everything expands it must have originated somewhere and if one follows it thus back up to the certain point, then this point is just the big bang.
How can the before said now be built into an expanding world? In addition a small hopefully also interesting example.
I let run such a busy little animal like an ant on a big balloon from the equator to the north pole. It runs of course with its innate ant speed. Of course she would arrive there after a certain time. But please keep in mind she is running on a static balloon!…. Now let’s assume a movement of the balloon. It is inflated during the run, so it gets bigger and bigger.
Now the ant can run as fast as it can, it will not arrive at the north pole. One concludes from it, the expansion of the space changes thus the mentioned expiry of an event.

Another question arises immediately for advanced readers. We know nevertheless already with which innumerable many stars (suns) and planets and other objects this universe is equipped. Let’s say simply, populated is…….and nevertheless it expands? The quoted „masses“ have all a gravity and this actually leads to the contraction and not to the expansion! However, we speak in „astro circles“ already for a long time of expansion (see Hubble).

To confirm this approximately the cosmologists have introduced the term „the dark energy“. It is also sure that one could call it space energy, but this term was already somewhat out of print. So let’s stay with dark energy, it fills quasi the whole universe.
It leaves an impression, namely that the primeval world before the emergence of the bubble is the so-called overheated dark energy. Very same like the water described by me in which a bubble develops and expands further.

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