The Human Race ! Science !…and God ?…. Part1

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Mankind was still very small in numbers on this planet, when the fear of nature (forces, events) already prevailed. Let’s say it was mostly the natural events, which still exist today. It is unnecessary to enumerate them.
They should be known by now……
Someone had to be responsible for them. Or was there more than one responsible? One made it easy, very easy, to pursue this question. They must be gods; so they stated that X is responsible for thunderstorms, Y is responsible for lightning, Z is responsible for storms or hurricanes and so on and so forth and immediately, damn simple !…..because there were already a lot of names.
Mankind grew and the well-known naming process was preserved for the time being. There already existed different peoples with different languages, so on. One part said Zeus, the other Jupiter or maybe Thor, or Odin, before him probably Ty etc. and so on.
An old god always had to give way to a new god, depending on the cultural society.
Mankind continued to grow, and ignorance also regarding natural events……..but what became smaller was clearly the number of gods.
There were some unbelievers, but they were silenced or sidelined.
Then came the time [0]. There he was born, in fact, of a virgin. They called him Jesus. To make it sound even more likely, he was made the Son of God after his execution. ( So only one God, how much one had suddenly become parsimonious with the naming) In addition, to make the spectacle complete, the first journey into space took place, they called it, as I remember, Ascension, …………..was not that far.
The so-called apostles and the people who had followed him (Jesus) en masse told the greatest stories and wrote them down en masse. The first mass movement on this planet gradually got underway. The already quite many tormented believers, became more and more.
Many rulers in the Roman Empire listened up and suddenly one of them said: stop the to and fro, now black bread will be baked!
Christianity (beautiful name, not? ) became the state religion in the Roman Empire on February 27, 380 after 0 – 5 years.

It was the decree of the Eastern Roman Emperor Theodosius I and had far-reaching consequences: It connected the Judeo-Christian roots of the European continent with the Greco-Roman culture. In the so-called East of the then slowly becoming known world.

…….and what happened by the way – humanity was growing again-

  • To date, it has reached 7.5 billion and most of them have not learned a thing.
  • One believes even more…….
  • In general the number of gods is increasing again slightly, because the continents explored have become more ( e.g. Buddha, Hindu, later Allah etc. ) Now I almost forgot the Protestant faction, which also appeared and with it hundreds of other representatives of the faith.

Now it is time to come to the topic „God?“, or better to ask for his reality.

Nowadays, it is undoubtedly natural science that answers questions that once fell within the competence of religion. Religion was an early, first attempt to find answers to the questions we all ask; but as it turned out, it was just a pathetic attempt to find reasonable answers to these questions. There are always basically two questions that are aimed at:

  1. Why are we here
  2. where do we come from

It is not too long ago that the answer was almost always: The gods created everything (the emphasis is on everything).
Why did the answer turn out to be so simple ? The world was a terrifying place. The best example are the old Vikings, these hardcore guys had to deal with supernatural beings (like Thor or Brage). They used to explain the natural phenomena that were there: thunderstorms, storms or solar and lunar eclipses.

Now back to today. As every reader of these lines can imagine, it is natural science that can and does give much better and more conclusive answers to all events and also to these 2 questions I asked before. Very few people know this, or better, want to know it then and now.

Out of one’s own knowledge one always makes the experience that there are people who mostly cling to religion, it probably gives comfort to many of them.
But on the other hand they do not trust science ! An oh so typical behaviour of mankind !

Now an interesting example of what the writing guild sometimes says about itself. The Times was a little while ago with the following article on the first page:

<< Hawking: „God did not create the universe.“ The article was illustrated and showed a rumbling god on a drawing by Michelangelo. They printed a photo of him (HAWKING ), in which he looked rather smug. The pictures were arranged in such a way that it looked as if he and God were having a duel. It is known that he had nothing against a god. In no case did he want to give the impression that his work was about proving or disproving the existence of God.>>

Hawking replies to this:


If you, dear reader, like me, believe only in science, then you also assume that there are certain recognized and proven laws that apply under all circumstances always and forever. If you wish, you can say that the laws are a work of God, but then this is more a definition of God than a true and genuine proof of his existence.
What is almost nowhere, that is, hardly known, there was already 300 before zero a man who was fascinated by darkness. He himself was a philosopher. His name „Aristarch of Samos“. Well, dear friends of astronomy, have you heard? The special interest was above all the lunar eclipses.
This man, you have to take a look at it, had the courage to ask if these temporary appearances were caused by the gods ? ……and this at a time when the heads of the people rested quite loosely on the shoulders! This Aristarch must be called a pioneer, a real scientific pioneer. He made detailed and very exact studies of the sky and came to a first and fantastic conclusion:
In his persevering studies he realized that the darkness on the moon was nothing more than the shadow of our earth that was slowly moving across the moon.

Funny thing’s over: there was definitely nothing divine going on here.

It must have been extremely crunchy in his brain because of this discovery. Because this discovery freed him from outdated ideas and prejudices. So this really happened. Now, with the then still primitive means of a line drawing, he made the actual relationship between the sun, earth and moon clear and understandable.

Aristarchus thought further, with this man it was no wonder. From his observations he came to this conclusion in a remarkable way. He deduced the following :
that the Earth is not at the center of the universe, which was assumed by the ignorant. The earth orbited the sun. This was an enormous realization at that historical moment. What should be easy for everybody now is, by this constellation said there all occurring eclipses can be explained: The moon casts its shadow on the Earth, solar eclipse. The earth casts its shadow on the moon, lunar eclipse.
But that was not only a unique statement of Aristarch, the next one followed.

Many of his contemporaries said that the stars we see are cracks in the „canvas“ of the sky, they believed that. But he said they are other suns like ours, they are just much further away.

It was a very amazing realization at that time. The human mind had already recognized very sporadically, the universe can be compared to a machine, which therefore has to obey certain principles or laws, or more simply expressed, which can be understood by the human mind.

And this leads to my statement that these – laws of nature – as we know them today, show us clearly and irrevocably that we do not need a God to explain the universe to us.

After this statement the following results for us human beings :
The laws of nature are present and have been recognized by man and they describe how the celestial bodies, objects, objects known to us, expressed in short form, all the things I have mentioned, will actually behave in the past, the present and the future, or even better, will behave.
Here is a brief example from the world of sport. I’ll take the very athletic volleyball to my chest.

In this game, the ball always lands exactly where it is supposed to go, or rather, where it has to land according to the certain prediction of the laws. There are several laws involved in this process. There are also many other laws involved. They determine what happens there.
The following data are important to recognize, the energy of the stroke, this is generated in the muscles of the hitting player, up to the material of the hall floor (abrasion, braking behaviour, slip factors)
Extremely decisive is one fact, namely that the physical laws are not only unchangeable but also universal. In this small example they are not only responsible for the trajectory of a volleyball, they must also apply to the motion of a planet and other objects in the universe.

Most important is the fact that, unlike the laws made by humans, the laws of nature cannot be broken – that is why they are so powerful and when you look at them from a religious point of view, so damned explosive. I say the laws of nature are unchangeable, and now it is only a small step to one of the crucial questions:
What is the role of a god, he is simply not necessary!

  • [ ] I consider this statement to be one aspect of the contrast between natural science and religion. This is one of the oldest conflicts in societies. There are still people who have not yet been enlightened and who define the term God as the embodiment of the laws of nature.
  • [ ] Now, of course, this does not contradict the idea that most people have of God. Many speak of a human-like being with whom they can have a personal relationship. This statement, which is highly improbable and is not full of any reason whatsoever, makes it clear „woe betide them if they let go………..The immense size of the universe even kills people like me who have looked deep into it for scientific reasons. How insignificant and coincidental is only this human life in the universe.
  • [ ] For me, the word „God“ is not even worth mentioning. All known texts and fairy tales that were and will be created by mankind are for me like fairy tale texts that are used in a huge kindergarten to stupefy the little people there.
  • [ ] My prediction is: We will know at the end of this century,
  • [ ] the „we“ of one of the greatest coincidences in a small part of the universe
  • [ ] ( see Local Group ).
  • [ ] The last remaining area that religion could still claim for itself has already been settled, namely the origin of the universe.
  • [ ] I call our universe very complex and it has a great variety of objects, but we can assume that we only need three „ingredients“ to describe it meaningfully. The easiest way for me is to act like a common chef. So I call it with the term cosmic cookbook. We take it and write down the ingredients we need to prepare a universe?
  • [ ] I suggest three ingredients.
  • [ ] The first is matter, a substance that has mass. It is everywhere in our living space, in the ground we stand on, and in the universe it is the dust, the rocks, the ice, and the liquids. In addition, even in the gas clouds, massive stellar spirals-each contains billions of suns and extends over unimaginable distances.
  • [ ] A second ingredient is energy. We take it almost constantly, quite naturally, without ever having thought about it. Well, friends of astronomy, we all know what energy is. We encounter it every day. If you look up at it, that is, at the sun, then everyone has already felt it! I hope it’s not too strong. This star (the sun) is 150 million kilometres away from us.

Energy can be found everywhere in the universe, it literally permeates the universe and feeds all processes. This makes it a place of constant change. This points to matter and energy. But one fact is still missing. We said before that we need three ingredients.
Result, we need space: and not little.
If you have the opportunity to look into the universe with one of the world’s best reflecting telescopes, you will notice that you simply lack the ability to get a little bit of feeling for it. There is actually only space, space there, and to feel this infinite expanse again and again.
Therefore it is not surprising that you can find many names for it. What you can feel. Awesome, sublime, simply tremendous. But it does not make a cramped impression. We only see space and again and again space … … so incredibly large. One threatens to suffocate in the vertigo.

So. Ask yourself the question, where the hell did matter, energy and space come from. The individual „elements, parts“ are there, after all. Today we can calculate, reckon and perceive them.
It was not so long ago, around the beginning of the 20th century, that we could say „I’m sorry, we have no idea“ without having a bad conscience.

But suddenly something appeared. A human being, and by chance a man. His name was Albert Einstein. This man gave us the answers from his findings to questions that had been unanswered until then.
He is one of the most remarkable scientists who ever lived on our small planet. Unfortunately I never met him and was never allowed to experience what develops in this brain and what is spoken out of his mouth. Coincidence allowed me to come to this planet only in 1948, so I only breathed this air for 7 years when he died.

on April 18, 1955.

Now we are slowly groping our way towards his discovery, and please, out of sheer amazement do not forget to breathe.
The most astonishing discovery was the following : The two most important ingredients for the creation of a universe are mass and energy, but they are basically the same.
Mass and energy are the two sides of the same coin. This is how it can be expressed, and as a formula, we have expressed it since its discovery as follows: the equation is
E = mc ²

And means, very simply put, that we can imagine mass as a form of energy and vice versa.

So, and whoever has really paid attention while reading the previous text will say: „Then belong to the production of one. (e.g. of our ) universe not three but only two ingredients. Energy and space

And what is the name of the question now to be expected from people who have had little contact with this, for some, very long-winded topic.
……….and, Where did this amount of energy and space come from

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