The Human Race ! Science !…and God ?….Part 2

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So now into part 2, there was a lot of research and I have the feeling that almost all of us theorists took part at that time. Even with the smallest contribution. It took decades for cosmologists to find a specific answer: Space and energy must have been created spontaneously during a specific event. Nowadays, it is generally referred to by the scientific community as the Big Bang. Here is the result: At the moment of the Big Bang a complete universe was created and with it space. It inflated completely, comparable to a balloon being inflated. Now the question must be: Where did this amount of energy and space come from? How can a whole universe with this energy, with the unimaginable expansion of space and with all that it contains, emerge so easily from nothing?
Many of the believers now quickly came to speak again, because it was the point for them where their dear God had to take over again.
It was massively emphasized and they and were also convinced that the dear God created the energy and the space naturally and completely on his own. From this follows for her: The Big Bang is the moment of creation.

As some of you know, science does not tell such fairy tales as religion does. It has been happening for too many millennia. Does the human being never stop spinning and only telling and spreading untruths?

Nowadays science with its work, and the research closely connected with it, has come to the following result:
All natural phenomena can be explained and thus proven.
Faith is always closely connected with the fairy tales of the respective living society, i.e. generation. It is almost reprehensible, or better still bestial, how the not yet existing knowledge of children, the youth, especially of parents, was shaped by inherited ignorance. There were of course exceptions to this usual kind of inheritance of faith. Today, these are the personalities known from history, natural scientists ?
I will stick with the question mark. Why?
Some scientists are also preformed by faith and do not tell the truth for reasons of media technology. Topic: Politics, money, career, etc. and so on. ……..toady. ………..

But very few of them say their own opinion in public, or have said so. They have my respect !

So new topic, let us continue our commentary scientifically.

Einstein already discovered the „magical symmetry“ of matter and
Energize. I’ve already pointed that out in his formula.

It is clearly the laws of nature, they help us to put ourselves in a special position. Clearly the situation that with their help we can think of an origin of the universe. So the expression – to be able to think – sounds so very simple, and is a gross understatement. A better statement must mean that we can deal with it, the universe, every day. And we definitely find out that there is no God necessary to explain the universe. We do not need a God to explain the universe.
So the origin is a big bang, and always remember, this universe is completely free to have…….to explore……and to work with.

If you have read more deeply into the subject described, you will quickly come to the question: how could such a complete and for many people unimaginable huge universe have formed?
Today we say that the universe consists of two things, space and energy, and what is even more interesting is that it was created from nothing.

It sounds damned swollen, but laws of or from physics, require the existence of a phenomenon. We call it „negative energy.“ I would now like to give an example that leads to the comparison and should give you an understanding of the decisive sketchy design.
I will simply make a succinct comparison.

Suppose a man works on his piece of land ( flat ) and he would like to build a simple hill.
He does this and the hill is simply said to represent the universe.
So what he has to do, he digs a hole in the ground and uses the soil of the sputum to create the mound.
So what exactly happened is that he not only made a mound, he also made a hole. So this hole is a negative version of the mound.

And mentioned again, the earth of the hole, of the hole’s ejection, has become the mound. This means nothing else than the statement: and everything remains perfectly in balance.
This process just described represents the principle that underlies the beginning of the universe.
Namely as follows: The „Big Bang“ produced an enormous amount of positive energy, but at the same time it produced the same amount of negative energy.
In my opinion, this results in the following proven statement :

The positive and the negative always complement each other to zero!

So another law of nature says it. The following question comes up now.
Where do we find this negative energy now, today ?
Of course there is an answer to this question. Think back again to the cosmic cookbook. It is the third ingredient and is called space. To the reader of this article it sounds a bit strange or in need of explanation. But if we look into the natural laws of gravity and motion, cosmic space itself reveals itself as a huge space for storing negative energy. This may seem strange, but again, according to the laws of nature, gravity mainly makes sure that everything adds up to zero.

And again it turns out that you have to be on good terms with mathematics to understand this.

The universe can be described relatively simply. It is a huge network of infinitely many galaxies. Each of them affects all others, only separated by killer vacuums
The whole thing, one can say without further ado, acts like a huge storage.
Accu, which stores negative energy.
Let’s stick to the example given above:
Mass and energy is the positive part, it’s like a hill. The corresponding hole, or the negative side of things, is spread all over the space.
There is again a question on our paper.

How can we now try to ask, is there now a God? Answer: Try a thousand times. But simply put, there is no „God“ !!
As we already know, the universe, as the sciences show, does not add up to anything. So you don’t need anything to create it. The universe is literally free.

It is physically certain that the positive and the negative add up to zero. The question remains for us: What still has to be discovered or found out now: What or who has triggered this extensive process then?

Is this an unsolvable problem….in our everyday world things do not materialize out of the blue. That is for sure. Here is another example:
We’d like to have a cup of cocoa, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen with a snap of the finger. The content of the cup must be made of other materials. Cocoa powder, a little water or milk. But let’s research deeper. You have to explore yourself, through the milk particles, cocoa particles, so through an atomic level down to the subatomic level-and we enter another world, at least for a short moment.

The reason I see the reason is that particles like protons on this size scale behave according to exact laws of nature, we call it quantum mechanics. These kinds of objects, as has been proven, occur completely by chance, or better they appear. They are there a fraction of the time to disappear again and appear somewhere else. The reason for this is that particles like protons behave on this size scale according to natural laws, which we call quantum mechanics. Such objects can indeed appear completely random, stay for a while to disappear again and appear somewhere else.

One fact is known to us, our universe was once extremely small. Smaller than a proton. We are therefore recording a highly interesting consequence:
Despite its impressive size and complexity, it is possible that our universe appeared out of nothing.
The laws of nature have not been violated in any way. After all, huge amounts of energy would have been released from the beginning of the expansion. The universe is ultimately the space to store all the negative energy. Because this is necessary to balance the balance.
And again an already known question comes up again:
Did God create the quantum laws, because they were responsible for and governing the Big Bang
So again the question, we absolutely need a God who is an arranger or better the causer of the Big Bang.

Which I certainly don’t want to hurt anyone’s faith. Just look at my contributions. The natural sciences explain everything, they constantly clarify and falsify nothing.
I am convinced that the natural sciences provide a more conclusive explanation for everything than a so-called divine creator could ever do.

Mostly we live and learn through our daily experience. This leads very quickly me and some other scientists to the opinion that everything that happens must have been caused by something that happened before, or that has happened before.
So we take for granted the assumption that something like possibly a god was the cause of the creation of the universe.
But when we speak of the universe as a whole, this is not necessarily true.
I am trying to put some strain on your thinking apparatus.
Let’s see what the following little story does for you.
A river flows down a mountainside. What causes the river to flow down? It could have been a heavy rain that has rained down in the mountains before. Next question……and now, what caused the rain? it was the sun, it shone on a body of water (lake, ocean) and lifted the water vapor into the sky where the clouds finally formed. Next and what……….caused the sun to shine?
The process is known. Inside the sun, a process called fusion takes place: hydrogen atoms fuse to form helium, releasing enormous amounts of energy.
This is where we have come. But where does the hydrogen come from?
The answer: from the Big Bang.
Sounds like the decisive hook is coming now !

What do the laws of foolishness tell us?
Maybe the universe appeared like a proton, i.e. without taking help and without claiming energy, or maybe nothing caused the big bang. Nothing at all. Here Einstein sends his greetings again with his theories. His insight is or rather was that space and time are deeply intertwined in the universe.

Let us consider time at the moment of the Big Bang. Something wonderful happened, let’s just say it, it (time) began. To understand this crazy and bizarre event, imagine a black hole (astrophysics). It stands or floats in space. The black hole is a star, which has collapsed due to its mass. Its mass is so large that not even light can escape its gravity. So totally black. But its gravitational attraction is immense, it bends and deforms not only light, but also time.
Further in the example, it also swallows a watch.
This clock is getting closer and closer to the black hole and as it does so, it starts to go slower and slower.
Time slows down; and it slows down itself. If we assume in this example that the watch can withstand the insanely strong gravitational forces, which would not be the case in reality, then it stops. It has to be stated that time does not exist in the black hole. That’s exactly how it was when the universe began.
Our understanding has grown through spectacular advances. It has been 100 years in which this (understanding) has happened.

We scientists know the laws. They determine what happens under, one could say, all practical occurrences. The only thing, the so seen extreme situations, like the origin of the universe, there it still hapert a little bit. Black holes are also among them. I always call them quite succinctly „graveyards of matter“.

What role did time play at the beginning of the universe?
It is definitely a time to be considered, and in my opinion it is decisive for the question of the necessity of a so-called divine universe builder.
An equally interesting question is: did the universe create itself?

Let us proceed as follows. What actually happens when we calculate backwards in time? Back in time to the Big Bang. Then the universe becomes smaller and smaller. After all, it is so tiny that one can say: we have an extremely small and dense black hole in front of us.
….and comparable to black holes in space today, the known laws of nature give quite clear predictions.

Time must stop.

…..and one more very important observation :

On this journey into the past, we cannot define a state before the big bang. –there was no time before the big bang.

Now, we can breathe again. We have actually found something that has no cause, because because there was no time, no cause existed.

In my view, it follows from this that how could there have been a „creator“ if there was no possibility for a creator. If there is no time, the existence of a „creator“ is even more than insane.
But nevertheless: there are still a lot of people who are looking for answers to such big questions:

Why are we here?

These kind of people don’t try hard, or even better, they can’t imagine that the answers are very, very simple…and therefore they make only minimal effort to understand the answers.

If no time existed before the Big Bang, then there was no time in which a „God“ could have created the universe.
There are lots of these stupid questions. Just as stupid is the ever-present question of which direction the edge of the earth lies in – the earth is a sphere without an edge, so the search for an edge is a vain effort.
But, so that millions of readers of my article do not again insult and disparage me. I am not a believer! Everyone is free to believe what he wants. In my opinion the simplest explanation for this kind of people is that there is no God:
Nobody created the universe and nobody directs our destinies, and this should lead to the simple realization:
There is no heaven and there is no afterlife, but the belief in a
Beyond is only wishful thinking, false enlightenment from the previous generation, lack of education, fear of one’s own death……etc.

There is absolutely no reliable evidence for the existence of a „God“ and the assumption alone contradicts all scientific knowledge and results made so far.
Ultimately, I know and think that when we die, we turn back to dust, and our life motor no longer moves. ( heart )
But, it is also researched, there is a form in which we live on:
In our influence and in the genes that we have passed or will pass on to our children. We have only this one life to acknowledge the grand plan of the universe and to think about it incredibly endlessly.
At the end of my elaborations a little bit of humor.

And if a god existed and you had the opportunity to meet him, what would you ask him? ……..then you can be sure, I…

….would ask him the following questions. The question is then: Sach ma, did you come up with some stupid, complicated stuff like generalized string theory or maybe M-theory in eleven dimensions? If so, then you are not God, but just a human being who has been bathed too hot.

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