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Reconciliation or disclosure of the truth between science and „theology“ ??? I notice and hear daily that „people want to know as much as possible about their origins“. I certainly hope they do, but how on earth does one get the idea that theology could contribute something useful to the subject? Science is responsible for the knowledge about our origins that I know of. We know approximately when the universe began and why it is composed mainly of hydrogen. We know why stars form and what happens inside them to convert hydrogen into the other elements, which gives birth to chemistry in a world of physics. We know the basic principles of how a world of chemistry can become biology by creating self-reproducing molecules. We know how the principle of self-replication through Darwinian selection makes all life possible, including human life. It is science and science alone that gave us this knowledge and it also gave it to us in fascinating, overwhelming, mutually confirming detail. On each of these questions theology has taken a position that has been gradually refuted. Science has eradicated smallpox, can immunize against formerly deadly viruses, can render formerly deadly bacteria harmless. Theology has done nothing but speak of pestilence as the punishment for sins. Science can predict when a certain comet will reappear and, secondly, when the next solar eclipse is to be expected. Science has brought people to the moon and has chased reconnaissance rockets around Saturn and Jupiter. Science can tell us the age of a certain fossil and that the Shroud of Turin is a medieval fake. Science knows the exact DNA blueprints of several viruses and will, in the lifetime of most readers of my article, also know those of the human genome*. What has theology ever said that is of the slightest use to anyone? When has theology ever found something that is demonstrably correct and not obvious? I have listened to theologians, read some texts of their books, and sometimes debated with them at a young age. I have never heard anything of the slightest use from any of them, nothing that is not either already completely obvious or wrong from beginning to end. ………for pure survival. If all the achievements of theologians were to be wiped out tomorrow, could anyone notice even the slightest difference? Even the bad achievements of science, like bombs or sonar guided election catching ships, work! The „achievements“ of theologians do nothing, change nothing, mean nothing. How does anyone get the idea that „theology“ is a subject that one would have to study to understand. I despise stupidity that is also taught. Wolfgang Korsus Dipl.-Ing. , Dipl. Astrophysiker Klingenberg 40 D-25451 Quickborn

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