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Yeah, she’s getting off. There’s no doubt about it. If we compare the existence of the universe with an earth year, then it exists, humanity, even though it is only a glance away……. (Scale) see…….

……..But all the climate-technical factors of the last 20 years do not allow any other judgement…..and it is not only these. The scientific enumeration of all factors, or better damage caused by human lack of reason and intellect, fill a whole thousand-page book.

Humans, as long as they have existed, have had nothing better to do than to add harm to their own place in life. Very few have done it more prudently, but they have already been killed, burned, scorned and declared stupid. (By whom ? …..of course, by the just living vassals and rulers.)

The place of life is, the planet Earth. Surely everyone has already been able to determine dead and still living in the present. But it is doubtful whether everyone has done so, because the cruel state of our planet today would have to send an unimaginable cold shiver down the spine of every, a little bit enlightened, person. Because only to determine is unfortunately human, acting is more sensible!…..but very few people do that.(out of 7.5 billion)

With the nature is not negotiable we risk the collapse of our climate!………I hope this is for everyone to understand.

In addition I add that the few generations that will be allowed to experience it in the future (about 500 years) will still feel it on their own bodies.

Surely, I give right to everyone who says: “ Progress, that gives or gave it also, it has always given it and it was sometimes good………but mostly accompanied with predictable regressions. “ Cause-effect “ was rarely considered, almost never.

Since man has participated in life, he has become aware of reality, man comes, lives and goes.

But what he has not become aware of until today, he has always lived, researched and acted in an ill-considered way, thus worsening the future for new generations. In many cases, reason was present, but what good is it if there is a lack of reason?

A sentence of mine, which is guaranteed to be confirmed by the last people who will live on this planet, is the following:

Man destroys himself by uncontrolled overpopulation!

Now the superficial and general has an end. I allow myself to go more and more into detail.


As many of you know, the so-called climate on our planet has changed again and again throughout the history of mankind. I write the word „human history“ because it only became interesting when you could look at it and mention it, even better when the first humans existed.

What was the first thing that man discovered? Oh, there were cold times and warm times. Why, why, nobody has cared about that in millions of years. Those times had natural causes….so nobody itched.

When people talk about climate change today, ….attention….then they mean changes that are additionally or better only caused by humans. Because if you consider that the human race has grown to about 7.5 billion … … and it will get continuously worse over the next decades.

A certain part of it, which is taken by humans, the science, has no more doubt that the greenhouse effect and with it the climate change has been made by humans (you have to consider the enormous amount!).

This can also be described differently……that mankind has contributed decisively to the greenhouse effect and climate change…….sounds more pleasant, doesn’t it ?

  • The natural greenhouse effect
  • What does man do?
  • Global climate change is man-made
  • Sea level continues to rise

The natural greenhouse effect

How does that explain and behave? First of all, I consider a very large part that contributes to this. To what ? The greenhouse effect.

The sun is the center of our solar system, and it works like a huge nuclear reactor: In its interior, energy is produced by the fusion of hydrogen into helium at temperatures around 15 million degrees. On its surface, temperatures of about 5700 degrees Celsius still prevail. From this surface, the photosphere, light and heat flow into space……… also to us !!

How does it go on from a scientific point of view?

Without the sun no life would be able to take place on our planet. It shines us, warms up the ground, the seas, the atmosphere and controls the climate. It causes dry periods and ice ages. It drives the wind that mainly determines our weather over the earth. Its storms disrupt radio communications, cause electrical discharges and a little more, the tree rings we know are marked with „radioactivity.“

This quite simply described Sun is only one star among billions in the Milky Way; and one thing can be said from an astrophysical point of view: It is not even the ultimate nonnplus-ultra ……..but for us the Sun is the most important celestial body.

How it continues to affect our planet, I will try to explain as understandably as possible.

From the sun short-wave radiation reaches the earth, this is converted on the earth’s surface into long-wave radiation and also partly reflected back again. Dear reader, please pay attention to this word partly.

The reflection results from a reflection at one of the most important protective layer which surrounds our planet……..the atmosphere !!!!

What is now the atmosphere ?

A gas layer, it also contains natural carbon dioxide (CO₂), and does not let the long-wave radiation through, but sends it back to earth. This is the natural greenhouse effect. Without it, the average temperature on Earth would be minus 18 degrees Celsius – hence, life would be impossible.

I’m getting closer to the greenhouse scenario. Our current climate is mainly determined by the huge amount of CO 2 and other greenhouse gases…..and you don’t need to be specially trained but the amount of these gases is constantly increasing.

The question now is, how much longer is this gonna go on? ?

The effect is foreseeable. In our global greenhouse, the glass is getting too thick. This effect is something that I hope everyone can imagine. Since the beginning of industrialisation, greenhouse gases have increased dramatically, that’s why we speak of the anthropogenic greenhouse effect.

What do humans do?

More than half of man-made activity is due to (carbon dioxide CO₂) and carbon monoxide (CO), both of which are produced by the combustion of fossil fuels such as oil and gas.

In addition, methane (CH₄) is also produced, even in high concentrations and also relevant to the greenhouse effect. Do you know ! As everybody should know, methane is produced in agriculture and mass animal husbandry, in sewage plants and on waste disposal sites, also in so-called permafrost soils. (e.g. Siberia, Alaska) So we have a lot of them !

If the global temperature rises and the permafrost thaws, the atmosphere, yes what? ……….additionally heated up.

I have just, by the way, pointed out mass animal husbandry, which already represents an insanely large quantity (greedy society!).

A large part of the methane concentration comes from the stomachs of ruminants, worth mentioning is also the cultivation of rice, here it also originates. And now there is laughing gas that is also produced in agriculture and that has an effect on the climate, for example when nitrogen compounds are extracted from the soil. Nitrogen is contained in most of the common fertilizers……but there is very little fertilization worldwide, some idiots say (with some chemical scrap, the main thing is cheap)

You see, I am talking about the madness that humanity has caused so far to destroy our planet for good. It is guaranteed millions of idiots who live on this planet and do not realize what they are doing; mostly from circles of economy and politics…….and the other billions just watch apathetic or just talk about what they do not understand.

⁃ a very small group, which makes meaningful suggestions… also still there…only they say that they only create wanted panic and big hysteria !?

By the way: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change knows even stronger greenhouse gases. It is the strongest greenhouse gas (sulphur hexafluoride), it is used in high voltage switchgears. Clearly industrial processes are responsible for it, a normal occurrence in nature does not exist. The potential to contribute to the greenhouse effect must be considered large. But it is only present in the atmosphere to a very small extent. It is concluded that the influence on global warming is rather small.

The amount of pure dirt that is being flung out of factories around the world today is catastrophic. …….and, of course, contributes forcibly to the greenhouse effect.

…………and repeats my statement:

  • Global climate change is man-made–

Admittedly, even among experts, or rather climate experts, there was disagreement for some time on the question: What is the extent and magnitude of the existing climate change?

But one thing was and is already clear: the earth is heating up continuously and mankind is responsible for the excessive emission of carbon dioxide. However, accurate predictions of how the climate will change worldwide are difficult to make. It is clear that there are and will be great regional differences.

The global climate is getting warmer. The second half of the 20th century was very probably the warmest 50-year period in the past 500 years. This can be seen from the rising mean temperatures worldwide, the temperatures of the oceans and the melting of ice and snow, which is reflected in rising sea levels. Satellite images show that the extent of sea ice in the Arctic has decreased by about 39.5 percent in 1980 and 2015.

Scientists even estimate the loss of glacier areas in the Alps between 1850 and 2000 at around 49 percent.

According to the 5th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of 2014, sea level rose by 19 centimetres between 1901 and 2010, with a measurement uncertainty of plus or minus 2 centimetres.

One can therefore simply imagine that not only the existence of some island states and low-lying coastal regions is threatened. Worldwide, people must expect extreme weather phenomena such as hurricanes, floods and periods of drought more frequently.

Islands like the Maldives could sink (will sink)

Sea level continues to rise

Heat waves will become more frequent and last longer. The number of cold days, i.e. frost days, will decrease and on most continents, and in particular on continental areas, there will be enormous periods of drought. What is also already noticeable, precipitation, especially in high latitudes, is increasing, but over the continents in the subtropics it will most likely decrease. Sea levels will continue to rise and rise. Extreme events such as severe winters and cool summers will become rarer. Especially in the west and south of our country, the danger of heavy rainfall in winter is increasing, which usually triggers floods. „While heat waves are likely to become more frequent in the southwest, droughts can be expected in the east in particular.

The issues I’m talking about relate to the natural sciences, ecology and economics. All the findings from the natural sciences about the pressures on our world (some say the environment) are available to us:

Talking of „cut and dried“, here are a few key words:

Carbon dioxide emissions, global warming, greenhouse gases, dying forests, water pollution, the thawing of permafrost zones (methane) and plastic waste problems with their effects on the global climate. . . .and so on .

There are still a few factors that can be listed, but at the moment this is enough for now. You will learn more about a very interesting and very gladly unmentioned kind of pollution in chapter 2.

A certain starting date is the oh so wonderful industrialization in the 19th century, there was extremely extensive research. The new products produced in this way required a correspondingly large amount of energy and resources in their manufacture. Man has once again set out on his journey, and with this (i.e. through his actions) he automatically changes countless important and necessary structures of this planet.

Result of this story:

There has been considerable environmental damage and it exists today and it will exist in the future. The following generations must, will perhaps try, but cannot eliminate them, I say and stick to the not !!!

It is possible to describe problems, but that is not enough, and even solutions that are often discussed have negative effects, but all too often these are overlooked. Here is a very topical example: the subject of e-mobility !

Unfortunately nobody talks about the necessary lithium and its damned environmentally harmful production and the associated destruction of several areas of South America. At the same time also on other continents.

You can also read the report at „“!

Hello dear readers, I will continue, part 2 will follow as soon as possible.

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