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Let’s look into a certain fact and already we encounter a basic evil that is known worldwide. Let’s hope so !

So let’s look at business and trade, of course globally……and lo and behold, we don’t meet money and capital purely by chance but definitely.

( with all its advantages and disadvantages ) Let’s brood and think a little bit more intensively, so we ask ourselves: What could we call the current time

How about Capitalocene?

What should, or better must, happen now to solve the problems mentioned before?………Not only is it necessary, but fundamental changes in the economy and society must be made. We need to think about a new form of society. To change this damn fossil into a sustainable industrial society !! (at least)

Money alone must no longer be the decisive regulatory factor; in my view, remunicipalisation and the pricing of carbon dioxide pollution and other forms of mobility are starting points for change.

However, I also call on natural scientists and representatives of the MINT disciplines to become more socially involved.

Please take a look at the interesting statements:

  1. the climate change (yes, it really exists)

Simply explained, climate change has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with arbitrary claims.

Climate change is not an invention of anybody, no and again no, it is man-made. That also applies to Mr Trump, but does he know that?..certainly not !

Climate hysteria……no ! Climate hysteria does not exist !

Climate change is pure physics ! ……..yes

Climate change expresses: How a system reacts to an increase in certain molecules. ( e.g. CO 2 ) Climate change is constantly taking place. Our previous records on this topic go back about 100 years and the changes of the KW of the last 20 years should make every human being, not only scientifically active earth citizens, panic.

There has been a remarkable rise in temperature of no less than 1.5 degrees. The ice of the Arctic and Antarctic is slowly but surely dissolving and the sea level is rising steadily, everywhere.

„Climate change „has been studied, now it’s time for us to act“

( I am sorry to say that politicians worldwide do not really know the word )

Cycling instead of SUV, eating less meat, using green electricity, moving away from fossil fuels, reduced reproduction, etc. I am an astrophysicist and according to my statement every living generation has to make gigantic efforts against climate change.

Most important is the immediate introduction of a carbon dioxide tax. It affects first of all the energy companies, large manufacturers and industrial enterprises.

The knowledge of the sciences and the resulting facts are as well known as they are overwhelming: global warming, is progressing steadily, that is to say continuously, glaciers are disappearing, sea levels are rising, groundwater is being contaminated, drinking water is becoming scarce, extreme weather events are not only increasing but are also becoming more severe. Drought and famine catastrophes are causing ever-increasing migration movements !!

. „Climate change has long been researched“, I say.

But, to the scientific findings only „arrogant and indifferent“ reactions are being received from a very specific stupid part of humanity. I know, you can guess who I mean……..

When I think of my generation, I come to the conclusion that they have failed completely.“ ………but surely the one before that…

The following remark is interesting:

Climate change has always existed, in intervals of thousands of years, but not as extremely fast as the present one, understood?

There is only one thing left for us to do, and that is to hope that we can still be saved. The world climate as we should know it is a damn highly complex system, it has reacted and is already reacting to slight disturbances. As soon as it becomes minimally unstable it reacts relatively quickly.

I will try to express it in a very understandable and hopefully simple way, at the moment our planet is developing from an ice age to a hot time.

If we now hesitate for a long time, do nothing and lament stupidly, mankind will get into really catastrophic processes. So I’m making a point,

„It’s our last chance!


The facts are known to many, but, and this is certain, without proof, too little, I will simply say, is done. What is expected of the political decision-makers?

I expect nothing from this preformed type of person. Because as long as there are rulers and so-called „superiors“ of every shape and form. ….don’t worry, I won’t name them all, too little nothing at all will happen.

We need the immediate coal exit and renewable energies must be developed. We need a mobility offensive towards public transport. Electromobility is not a solution either, because resources from other parts of the world are used there and entire regions of the earth are being destroyed.

And now something about lithium………

Everyone is talking about lithium. But while mining companies and investors celebrate and rub their hands, the environment suffers. Because mining is not only massively affecting ecosystems, it is destroying them.

In Bolivia, there is a key raw material that will meet our energy needs: lithium carbonate. According to various estimates, between 6 and 11 million tons of lithium are expected to be found in the vast plain created by the drying up of a lake.

However, not only this Salar de Uyuni but the entire region is rich in lithium. Germany is over thousands of kilometers away, ……….it is called the „lithium triangle“.

It is located in the beggarly Bolivia, in the rising Chile and the faltering Argentina. It is believed to hold over 55 percent of all reserves.

The environmental impact of dust and water extraction is not only enormous, but catastrophic. In Chile there is local civil resistance. The local reactions range from approval and demand for a share of the revenues to local rejection and resistance. In Argentina, production is carried out jointly with Toyota. This is a clear reference to the chapter : “ Return on investment „

From the 71 years, 5 months and 28 days that I have lived, there is only one thing left to say:

Man has behaved like a parasite on this planet since the beginning of his existence…………or is he one?

Lithium : …just a few remarks

But you can also fear : Essential raw material for electronic gadgets ( technical gadgets or „knick-knacks“)

I refer to the mining of the raw material as a bet on the future. But one response to this statement is: „Without the substance there would be no lithium batteries. They are lighter and last longer than other battery technologies and can be recharged again and again without any „memory effect“. This is because with nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hybrid batteries, the battery always remembers its last charge level – and thus loses a few percent of its capacity. Lithium-ion batteries are at work in our notebooks and cell phones, driving the digital society. A few grams of the substance can be found in a smartphone. In a laptop it is 200 grams. And in a car with a battery, it is an impressive 22 kilograms. Enough shop talk !

The raw material is sought after and correspondingly expensive.“

So that’s what we do : destroy nature…economy lives !

…we better not do that…

Once again it is the mining giants like Albemarle, SQM or FMC, they are mining the ancient mineral. ……and earn a hell of a lot of money.

Michael Schmidt of the German Raw Materials Agency calls the light metal a „key raw material of the coming decades“, as usual. In my opinion, it is nothing but silly gibberish.

Because in addition to e-mobility, the issue of storing renewable energy sources is becoming increasingly important. The recovery of lithium from the South American soil is a very lucrative business. So far, some 300,000 tons of lithium carbonate have been extracted from the soil on the far continent.

Since 2015, the price of the raw material has tripled. In June 2015, buyers still paid 7,000 euros for one tonne. By the end of 2016, the price had risen to 18,000 euros. Based on today’s prices of white goods, the yield so far has been three billion US dollars….not bad what…?

But now to the clarification :

Several million liters of water for a ton of lithium salt, remarkably sad.

We’d rather not talk about the problems of mining cobalt, which is also needed for batteries.

But the extraction of lithium also poses problems. Although investors are pleased, it is an ecological disaster for the regions affected by mining.

Because if you want to extract the substance from a depth of at least 40 centimeters, the gigantic, unimaginable amounts of water are swallowed up. It takes 2 to 3 million litres of water to produce one tonne of lithium salt. And now the most insane :

It takes place in one of the driest regions on earth!

The unnoticed problem of reality : „Lithium is not found directly on the surface, but in underground watercourses. If the material is exposed (usually by blasting), it is removed and processed: Several million cubic meters of saline and lithium-containing solution are fed into huge basins and enriched with fresh water. The water evaporates due to the intensive solar radiation. The liquid thus obtained has a lithium content of five percent. Then the magnesium is separated out.“

…and as always, when the so-called humans are at work…

Those who look closely at the Salar de Uyuni will see Andean flamingos that are only native there. This delicate species, threatened with extinction, has come to terms with the loss of its once untouched habitat. If the lithium mining continues, the rare animals will move on. Until one day the excavators of the raw material companies take away their last remaining resting place.

Lithium: an ancient substance, about which a new controversy will break out, hopefully very violently, and in the sense of even more reasonable and rational citizens of the earth!

Parts of the living people, but too small parts think of cooperatives when talking about „climate change“, probably with the ulterior motive also of „cooperation“! Please go the way of „thinking“ even in the context I mentioned before.

The word „energy companies“ follows, and I am immediately reluctant to use this term in connection with „climate change“. In this context, the proposal to privatize energy companies falls: let the fear go!

Leave the elements that are important for us humans in the hands of the public and municipal utilities.

But the next question follows immediately. Are such changes conceivable without fundamental interventions in the economic system?

My suggestion small but interesting. Company profits are not distributed to shareholders; in future, they should be reinvested in economically clean innovations and research.

The profits of German corporations have tripled between 1990 and 2016. Net investments have fallen from 85 to 20 billion.

Do they want to become the richest corpses in the graveyard or what do they do with the money?

Above all – and this may not please many – we need an actual redistribution of wealth. We could use the money better in reality than in any bank account. I am convinced that we would have fewer problems in Germany if we had more cooperative banks again.

Most people don’t even deny that climate change is happening, but too little is being done.

Everybody can do something about it, even if it sounds terse: riding a bike instead of an SUV, carpooling, not travelling by plane, eating less meat, using green electricity instead and turning off the lights when you don’t need them. The most important thing would be that every person should be entitled to a carbon dioxide budget of around two tonnes per year. Today, however, everyone consumes ten tons per year. We also need a carbon dioxide tax.

When will there be a jolt in the world that makes it clear how serious it is?

We need a political activity initiative, and we need it to be cross-party.

Nature knows no parties, she only knows her laws. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, climate change was seen as the greatest threat to humanity, as always, nothing happens. But if we continue as we have been doing, humanity will more or less disappear. And who knows, when major catastrophes occur, perhaps quite different political movements will come to government agencies than we ever thought possible, or could foresee.

It follows shortly part 3

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