Before the Big Bang……??? Part 3

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Now still a few small details to the mass, gravity and the space curvature! One may mention basically three facts together, because the more the effective „mass“ increases, the bigger also the negative energy of the gravitation produced by it becomes. But also noticed the balance remains really constant.
The result is astonishing, the emergence of „our“ universe has originated quasi completely gratuitously from the primeval world.

Because the increase of mass was paid with the space curvature and the negative potential energy resulting from it.

If we speak about the present density of the existing space energy in our universe, then it remains only to say, it is not worth mentioning, ……also small.
Let us look together at an example:
A corresponding mass value in a volume, let’s say, of the size of the Earth, is about one thousandth of a gram. Thus one can assume without saying it wrongly, in the stellar range this leads to no noticeable gravity effect.
Also effects on other physical processes; like our planetary system and even our Milky Way are not to be proved.
The turn in the consideration follows. What do we want to consider now ????
…….es should be from the cosmic side the very big intergalactic distances there, and it comes differently than perhaps thought. Because there we can perceive quite certainly the gravity effect mentioned before. He is there!, the physical effect .

Briefly said, the density in the complete universe is constant and it produces there therefore the almost quantity of space energy, an enormous repulsion. Again said, in ourSonnensystem one can neglect the acting total quantity, too small!!! So too small!!!

If we consider it in the universe observable by us, we speak almost of three quarters of the total energy.
However, there is a proved steady expansion and because of it, its share becomes bigger and bigger.

Let’s come back to our first „case“ to stimulate the memory. That is the role of the water vapor in the water bubble escaped at that time.

I speak now again „cosmologically“ further, thus the primeval world medium is now in demand. Without the existence of the primeval world one does not need to take our uniserum at all for full, because from what else it could have originated ?
So the „bubble“ escaped from the primeval world medium……but this was overheated and possessed a very high density and produced an immensely stronger spatial expansion, compared with today. Thus the primeval world medium corresponds to the superheated water vapor. That again means, it is by wrong normal condition.

That means in view of the further course that again every small disturbance in the primeval world medium, again a bubble produces and that means the transition in the „normal state“.

The then high density of the space energy produces for this bubble at first the dramatic expansion of the primeval world, and that as long as until then the wrong into the right normal state has passed. With it…short thinking….is the space energy from its primeval world value on the value observed today in our universe sunk. Now you can imagine surely, that is the point which is there, in order to let the spatial expansion turn out very much smaller.
Continue to load brain windings with full throttle, the now existing energy difference between the wrong high primeval world density and the today’s, has a considerably lower density. It is released in the associated transition and generates also all the matter which is present in our present universe.

Question:….understood ?

The result of this process says nothing else, the comprehensible big bang is a damn normal physical effect.

Only pay attention, this effect or better process is clearly and hardly disprovable for us the beginning of what we always see as time and space.

What should the texts suggested before tell you? I presuppose times, every astro and physics-interested has made his thoughts after the reading. Well so…….!
I also did that, but already about 40 years ago. I simply did not like to work and think always only up to the big bang. Because an event which has an effect still to be felt, namely the „so-called big bang“ must have had quite simply a cause. Because “ from the sky, made by the dear God“, ….. does not fall such a physical highly explosive and effective certainly. Listen quietly and calmly here, especially you worldwide still believers.

So please, it offers itself a better made explanation, and that is :

The emergence of our universe just sketched by me as bubble of a primeval world medium. It is finally a completely new world view, officially only thirty years old. Of course, physicists have contributed essentially to it, who else ? The American physicist Alan Guth and the Russian-American physicist Andrei Linde have been it officially.
Till then our universe had been considered strictly as final and not as a part of something hardly conceivable „greater“. The question „What was before the Big Bang?“ was, „for me not to believe“, de facto not allowed at that time. There nowadays the opinions have changed extremely…………..for the luck !!!!

One must be still mentioned, it is not too long ago there one was sure, this universe has gone through a phase of extremely rapid expansion, a so-called „inflation“, shortly after the big bang. Now one tried to justify this „inflation“ also fast. Lo and behold, the time had come for the emergence of a new primeval world picture. This again drew very enormous consequences.
So it is sure for me and a certain number of researchers, our universe originated as a bubble in the primeval world. And this persists and expands further, so that constantly new bubbles will arise, other universes. Who comes clear with it and judges the state of affairs exactly in such a way speaks now of the multiverse; because it forms constantly new. - "every "effect has guaranteed a new "cause" -

…to think differently is wrong !!!!!!!!

Please don’t believe that these universes are equal or symmetrical. In the multiverse, the other universes are eternally inaccessible for us, we will also never know whether the same laws of nature apply in them as with us or whether there is also intelligent life there. They lie for us unchangeably outside of every possible explorability and this applies to all still coming human beings!!!!!!!!!!!!!. On the planet „earth“.

But it is as always, already since there are people they hold the so far explored for right, the new is only a tick of the new. It cannot be right, it must not be right, absolutely not, ……..there are a few quite confused, who say even as scientists : for God’s sake not !!!!
I know, these are the poorest pigs, because their thinking apparatus is damaged or even defective.
These scientists make it very simple for themselves, the idea of a multiverse is just for them more metaphysics than physics.

part 4 follows

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