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How the universe will end, interesting question, but isn’t it all pure speculation? There will be no human being left on this planet.

My personal conceptions – of course I will comment on this also after this article.

Big Crunch, Big Freeze or Big Rip

Astronomy, also called astronomy, is the science of the stars. It investigates by scientific means the positions, movements and properties of objects in the universe, i.e. the celestial bodies (planets, moons, asteroids, stars including the sun, star clusters, galaxies and galaxy clusters), interstellar matter and radiation occurring in space. It also seeks to understand the universe as a whole, its formation and structure.

How the universe came into being, yes, most of us astrophysicists agree, or rather are quite sure. So it was created with the Big Bang ! But I try to answer myself in every quiet hour, how will it end?

And as always when you let several experts have their say, a result can be predicted very quickly. Because there are different theories. Even better theories have the characteristic to be rival, because behind the single ones of them, again people are standing and people are mostly very vain. Every theory (every human) wants to be right.

The theories of which you can hear and read a lot are :

-Big Crunch- Big Rip -Big Freeze

…in my opinion, Big Freeze will prevail ! ( The big cold )

My opinion and research results !

Observations that have been made for a long time and also in the short term come to the conclusion that there is a steady increase, especially the spatial expansion. The universe is expanding !

What is the special reason for this ? The reason is the steady increase of the distance between objects in space that are far away from each other. Furthermore the Big Bang theory says that in the first billions of years, shortly after the inflation (formation) the expansion has slowed down, and since then the expansion speed increases again!

The explanation of this observed accelerated expansion is the subject of current research and has led to the concept of Dark Energy.

So I claim that the expansion of the universe is increasing. How will this be shown? The universe is expanding, so the more it expands, the cooler it gets. The conclusion is that the temperature is asymptotically approaching absolute zero with time (approaching a straight line to infinity without touching it). The „coolness“ is described by the term Big Freeze.

What influence does „dark energy“ have on the expansion of the universe? It is known that the expansion is increasing, which corresponds to an increase in the space between the galaxies. Everything else is still unexplored —- ?

When and how will life in the universe end ?

There will be other things happening towards the end of the universe. Certain particles and radiation will be „redshifted“ and then have such a low energy at long wavelengths that they can no longer be detected. As is well known, stars are formed from gas, and this will continue for about 10 ¹³ (10 trillion) years. But then also sometimes the gas is used up for the formation of stars. They do not shine any more, the universe becomes darker and darker and one thinks, also colder.

Star remains disappear because certain particles (protons) do not remain stable and decay. At the very end, black holes are all that remains. But as Steven Hawking stated, they will also dissolve in the Hawking radiation. So the temperature at the end will be the same at every place. The temperature at the end will have a value that is exactly the same everywhere, so that no more thermodynamic work takes place. That is then the end of the universe.

When and how will life on earth end? Let us consider this !…….

Guaranteed sooner than many now believe.

If I am sitting outdoors in the 21st century, in nature, I can make a general statement: we probably still have reasonably life-friendly conditions. The sun still gives us light and warmth. One day it won’t do that anymore. According to the calculations made today, it will switch off the fusion furnace – but don’t panic, it will still take a few billion years. The fuel will run out.

And why is that?

There will be very little hydrogen left for nuclear fusion. Simply spoken, then follows the statement: Then it (the sun) will be smaller, guaranteed. I don’t think that will happen. On the contrary, many observations have already shown that suns practically reared up again. They radiate many times more energy, and expand again for a short time.

Our sun then becomes a „red giant“. This cause has of course also an effect on the earth. It becomes hotter ! So In 800 million years the average temperature on earth will be over 50 degrees Celsius. That is more than twice as warm as today.

The consequences !

Plants that have accompanied us throughout our lives will slowly die off. The consequence must be that the soil is missing something, there are no more roots on the plants.

The almost always lasting wind and the little or sometimes heavy rain will carry away the loess, sand and heavy soil. What is left?

The surface of the earth will be transformed into a lunar landscape that is shrill and bizarre for humans.

The temperature will continue to rise, so the source of life will evaporate the water in ponds, rivers, lakes and oceans. What remains are huge salt lakes.

The liquid water disappears completely from the planet Earth. More precisely, in about 3.5 billion years there will be no more liquid water at all. The temperature will rise and rise to over 100 degrees Celsius.

Meaning: Organic life is without a chance !!!

I calculate that it will then still take about 6 billion years until our sun has reached its largest diameter. A complete „eating up“ will not take place, but it will be very hot on our planet. The rock is probably in a molten state and so the whole earth and the oceans are covered with magma.

Of course our sun, which is a completely burned out pile of matter after 6 billion years, has also collapsed. The earth, is only an „almost-ball“ of charred remains of course, that’s what I call our earth. It is still turning in the dark and what can be said in addition our sun will not be the only one in the universe to run out of fuel.

Now I remember a saying from my youth. „The last one to turn off the light“ …… will be like that in about 100.000 billion years. No human being turns off the light…….but the last stars will burn out by themselves. Almost at the same time only star spawn, planets and asteroids will fly through the cold dark universe.

The „universe-dead“ state will continue for a long time. But one thing can be predicted already today, even the unusable remains of the Universe will perish „without a sound“…..and then there will be no stupid people who ask themselves: How can we prevent this !

Let me mope for a moment………………………………

………..and at the end once again into the fullness ………..10³⁶ = 1 with 36 zero years, I mean, what we call matter begins to dissolve. It means that the inner building blocks of atomic nuclei, the protons, are decaying.

But the proton is missing, so there are no atoms, no molecules, no cells and also, as you can imagine, no life.

What remains is, let’s put it very casually, an infinite emptiness, nothing.

So, finally the consideration of the theories I mentioned before: „Big Crunch, Big Freeze or Big Rip?

Most astrophysicists I know are sure that the universe was created with the big bang. But let’s ask around… …how will it end?

To this question, how could it be otherwise, there are so-called very extreme rival theories to this „question of all questions“:

Summarize like the three interesting theories briefly.

  1. the „Big Crunch“ ( The Big Collapse ) here is supposed to collapse the universe again, everything is crushed.
  2. the „Big Freeze“ The universe expands further and cools down.
  3. the „Big Rip“ The universe, driven by the unknown energy continues to expand, then it tears into pieces

We know that the universe is expanding ever faster due to the dark energy, which is still not understood today. Dear cosmologists asked themselves how much the universe expands and then naturally slows down again?

And again a new theory of the „Big Crunch“ followers, for you it is clear that the gravitation of the stars and galaxies will slow down the expansion of the universe completely sometime. This means that the cosmos will first slowly and then faster and faster collapse. For me, this is the big bang in reverse.

This thesis is something more in my sense: „Big Freeze“! Here against its sympathizers from another idea, namely that there is not enough matter to slow down an expansion. From this follows: the universe drifts further and further apart, so the stars burn out and in the end all light and heat goes out.

There are clearly masses in space. Astrophysicists measure and estimate how many masses are in space. Masses exert gravity and this is said to slow down the expansion of the universe. Astronomers also take part in measurements. They observe supernovas that are very far away. In addition, astronomers observe very distant supernovas.

But you have to pay attention to their results in terms of attenuation

A very surprising result comes to light. The expansion of the cosmos has not slowed down, on the contrary it has become faster and faster !

For the followers of the „Big Crunch“ this is an unexpected result. Their theory runs into improbability. The „Big Freeze“ fans also feel a slight uncertainty. So the long known super questions remain of course.

⁃ What is driving the universe apart ever faster?

⁃ What is the mysterious dark energy?

⁃ Will it continue to expand space in the future? And how strong?

……and by the way :

There is still the third theory, it says that the dark energy is getting stronger and stronger. From this follows, space will expand faster and faster in the future. All galaxies are moving further and further apart. In a few billion years, the dark energy will tear apart even galaxies, stars, and planets … the Big Rip.

Today, April 6, 2020, these questions have not yet been answered. ……and the people who ask these questions don’t need to.

Because mankind is abolishing itself in a very simple, much much, much faster way !

I have already mentioned it in a few contributions and briefly pointed it out.

But take a look at my new contribution, it will come soon and is called !

  • The end of mankind comes earlier than you think –

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