The proof that there is no God is the fact that there are humans.

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Please read this statement slowly and only read on when you are convinced you have understood it. Except for the humans, nobody asks for a God. It is completely nonsensical, but because there are human beings, it has become typically human… believe in a God.
But as everyone knows and above all has felt on their own loaves, there is the living being „man“.
His presence on this planet, which has lasted for thousands of years, has led to the claim that there is a God. Terrifying for me, this claim comes from incomprehensibly many population groups worldwide.
And each of these religious groups wants to be right. Those who did not see it or did not follow it were threatened or murdered. Over the last few decades, most religions have become more moderate. But, as always, the exception proves the rule:
Islam !……continues to murder….

By the way, 5 major world religions are distinguished: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam.
The religions, no matter which one, are brimming with scientific ignorance, false statements and excessively insane assertions.

As I write these sentences, I can always think of the typical human statement about luck and bad luck, which should be :
Bad luck to have been born, but damned luck to have died… to have had it!
A wonderful grammatical expression ! …isn’t it?

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