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Talking about God in public is quite common in most countries. But to deny the existence of God in principle is, according to my own observations, a social taboo: „Oh, the sky is empty“ With this statement I deny the existence of a „Higher Being“, who is supposed to have created the world one day, that is, at some point in time.
In my opinion, the excessive suffering and misery of the world, wars and famines, environmental destruction and the evil character of many people alone prove that there can be no almighty and omnipotent God.

Man and nature are not perfect, I declare and I ask all those who are reading this to take a good look around. Religion serves many people as an anchorage for well-being, as a starting point for fearful trembling and as a source of reference for their morals. However, ethics can be developed at least as well without religion. It is a result of the evolution of human experience. Most believers instrumentalize their religion to find support in difficult situations. However, they cannot usually explain their religious feelings in a generally understandable way. Nevertheless, it is important for them to „belong“.

I say, „Doubt is forbidden“.

Most religious people fail to seriously doubt the existence of their God through self-imposed prohibitions of thought or those announced by their religious community. One simply had to believe in God.
Exactly this statement is proven by some questions of religious thinkers worldwide who want to know how one can feel at all well without faith Something must exist, what one believes in and what can help one to cope with his everyday life.
In difficult life situations atheists are often „empty-handed“. Without the faith in a God, many things are more difficult for many people; but you can’t get a „Higher Being“ just for that. God is an idea of people who project their fears and hopes into him for this very reason.

I need him, so he is.

A secular humanist certainly has a great treasure of ethical values, cultural heritage – also from traditional religious traditions – and experiences from his own confrontation with life.

Also the existence of a „Higher Being“ does not necessarily have to be denied by an atheist. nature and its superhuman powers as expression of a higher power to which man is subject.
On the other hand, I do not want to take up this approach. he sees the attribution of God’s omnipotence to a lesser degree or to nature only as an attempt to still somehow save the „obviously wrong“ assertion of an existence of God.
Again and again I have experienced that believers cannot justify their position logically

Frequently, people of religious persuasion ask the critics of religion to prove to them the non-existence of God. But they never succeed in proving his existence themselves. Therefore, many simply turn the tables in order to free themselves from this argumentative dilemma.

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