Good Day….I am the Moon ! Part 2

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Mondlos??????……… I have allowed myself to shed some light on this topic in part 1.

Why do I stick to this „topic“ ….?

I will tell you, and very clearly and simply…..I owe a fulfilled life to the moon, not only to myself, but to all living beings, past and future !!!!!!!!! …….

…….. But moonless, it would be a real catastrophe for humans, animals and plants. ( summarized all living beings ). Life on earth would have had to adapt to all the changes that would then have taken place. At first it would probably have become more fast-moving…..Three times shorter days would also shorten the lifespan of those individuals whose species would have survived the departure of the moon at all. One day would mean less time to gather energy. At night, on the other hand, it would be very dark without the moon – probably too dark for some animals of today’s design to go in search of food.

Many species would have to die out, others would be allowed to emerge and perhaps even fill the dark night niches anew. They would probably have more powerful eyes that make use of the little starlight. Other environmental conditions would also be strangely different on an earth without a moon. Because of the faster rotation of the Earth, for example, there would be continuous strong storms with wind speeds of up to 500 kilometres per hour. This would not only make it necessary for organisms to be able to hold on tightly at all times, no, because of the constant roar of the wind it would also be much louder on Earth. The communication, perhaps it would be better by sophisticated colour changes according to the mood – or by many other tricks of body language that we cannot imagine. In any case, in a constant and ongoing storm, very flat creatures would have an advantage, as they would have less surface to attack. In the development of new species, smaller plants with more deep roots and animals with so-called flying membranes between the extremities would presumably be produced.

Now the question…..And humans?

Hard to say; but at least we can calculate that the moon will hardly disappear as suddenly as it once appeared. Part of the excess rotational energy generated by tidal friction is transferred to the moon. According to the law of conservation of energy, the energy in the Earth-Moon system remains constant. As a result, the satellite of the Earth is gradually moving away from us, but only manages to move about four centimetres further each year. Before it disappears from our orbit at this rate, we will be swallowed by the expanding, dying sun together with it in about 7.6 billion years…….

my dear readers and friends of astronomy ! In part 1 I mainly dealt with the assumption that the moon would not exist. But let us look at this partner, or better Trabant, as the moon, which is really there.

Now I come to the real Trabant…..the moon !

When was it created or „created“. Its age is estimated to be about 4.4 billion years. About as old as our earth. But the earth is probably a little bit older, I am sure.

Now the origin of the moon : There are three assumptions, estimations, hypotheses or really a truth?

No. 1 The drop thesis (a little bit insane)

No. 2 The catch lie (also like 1, I say).

No. 3 The collision theory (almost madness) but real.

Surely you already notice in no. 3 the „insane“ is missing. In retrospect, I even call No. 3 „insane“ for us humans.

But let’s go through one thing at a time. At the given time the clock-earth was still glowing, so very hot. Years ago it was said that the moon, so in the hot state at that time, matter dissolved as drops, and so the moon ……??? But the astronauts brought a lot of rocks from the moon. But the analysis of the moon has shown that it could not have been like that.

So now to the capture theory….. So it was already there and the earth has captured it ? Totally unclear ….. and stupid – then there is still theory 3, the impact theory.

The moon as we know today, is quite a „chunk“ …..and there must have been an even bigger „chunk“ and has struck our earth. If it had hit the earth head-on, this text would have been written by me „never“.

It will have been, as mentioned in part 1, a „planet“ which had at least one mass two to three..or four times like Mars. The moon is synchronised today. While it rotates once around its axis, it rotates once around the earth. 27 days 7 hours 43 minutes.

What does all this have to do with? There was an impact into the earth from a body which had twice the mass of Mars up to ……, which is about 20% of the earth’s mass. This was thrown out, a ring-shaped disk was formed, from which a satellite with an eightieth of the earth’s mass was quickly formed. These two spheres, earth-moon, exert a gravitational force on each other. And the moon does not fall on the earth because they not only attract each other but also orbit each other. The common centre of gravity is about 2000 km below the earth’s crust. It used to be even further below the crust when the moon was even closer to the earth. The moon has been slowed down by tidal forces. The Moon has lost its own angular momentum and it now only has orbital angular momentum. The earth has also been slowed down. At the beginning 8 hours for about 10 hours until now 24 hours of angular momentum. The rotational energy that the earth has lost, the moon has taken over as orbital angular momentum and is moving away by 4 cm every year.

I can only hope, that after my written hints all readers of this text,

…… no longer want to look too far scientifically into the universe, because the „good“ is so damned close…….!!!!!!!!!

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