God? Stupid question! Gods? It’s escalating!

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Since humans have been continuously destroying our planet, there have been quantities of different concepts of God. I will try to explain how irrational these contents are by means of a few relevant and two central stories.

Just a short note, all texts and stories about God or Gods are absolutely man-made and always made up and lied about.

At the beginning the simple question arises irresistibly, what are gods anyway?

So dear believers and unbelievers, I hope you have read a lot in your life. Then you will surely know that there are many and not too different definitions of the term „God“.
Let’s not dawdle around for long, and let’s get down to a definition of the most common term. (There are enough similar ones) :

A „God“ is always a completely supernatural being or let’s better say he is some kind of higher power. Many of the religions say quite clearly that this God has very special unique qualities. This is true at least in the doctrine and practice of the religions. He is often called the creator or the great shaper ( of reality?) and for some he is the origin………………I ask myself, for what?

For me, the definition in its original meaning alone is a story, a fairy tale………or better a religious starting myth, in which the existence of mankind is connected with the world of gods or spirits.
It is a clearly arbitrary meaning without any comprehensible, logically compelling, plausible explanation.
This previously described starting myth thus forms the unquestioned beginning of religious thinking.
(this is great)

We are all surely familiar with these concepts of God and spirits, some find them interesting, others believe in them.
But one thing is certain, they certainly come from a pre-scientific time and it is certain that they are mainly the result of irrational ideas.
For something like thunderstorms, volcanic eruptions, floods, earthquakes and failed harvests there have always been separate deities anyway, such as gods of war and fertility and so on and so forth and immediately…………

Nevertheless, let me look at exactly two stories from the pre-scientific time, which could not be explained to themselves. What did one do in such a case one also blamed them on the work of gods and spirits. Simple, no?
But now to the stories:
In Christianity, people believed in God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, and at present, the Abrahamic God dominates the Jewish, Christian and Muslim conception of God.
These are stories from the Abrahamic conception of God and again it is clear that the contents are largely irrational.

So „God“ is supposed to have tested the tribal leader of a shepherd people, Abraham, for his loyalty to him by seemingly asking him to kill a son. It is a macabre story that is still impressed upon believers today. The story portrays a cold God, a monster.
In a second mystical story, the Abrahamic god destroys two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah. The reason, the people act against his moral concepts. Today one would look for such a „god“ as a mass murderer with the police. From today’s perspective, it’s a story with a psychopathic god.
In a long struggle the sciences had to establish themselves against the massive resistance of the great religions Christianity and Islam. The „scribes“ of the „Holy Books“ tried to make their sacred books the linchpin of human existence, everything was to be subordinated to the fairy-tale like and often abstruse contents of their strongly limited horizon, focused on ancient texts.
I would be happy to comment in more detail on individual aspects of the religious world view from a scientific point of view. Talk to me, I am not afraid of questions! There is a provable answer to every question!!!!!!!‘.

I simply say it clearly !
He who believes has a firm conviction which is not based on facts, proofs, but only on feeling. All those who believe should read this carefully.
Very simply and with counterevidence I say at any time :
He who believes knows nothing, he who knows much does not believe. Believers, no matter what they believe in, are often cowardly, mostly mendacious, always superstitious, sometimes stupid as hell, consist only of fear. Do not even know what „to die“ means.

………..and by the way :

„….a person who knows nothing believes everything…“

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