Cause and effect a causality



Astrophysicist Wolfgang Korsus


Conclusion on Cause and Effect

It may seem, after many comments I have made in my blogs on science topics, that causes and their effects are only loosely related.

But exactly the opposite is the case. Space and time are the foundations of human thought. And so the recognition and learning of causality is also the basic object of human thought. Causality, factual causes are the anchor for human reason. The difference between a sophism and a logical inference could not be greater.

I would rather believe in scientists „who are mistaken once in a while, than lunatics who believe they are scientists“.

If a causal connection is propagated only due to the fact that two events, processes or circumstances have taken place temporally one after the other, door and gate are opened to the Schwaflern, to the Schwurblern.

There the understanding and the human goodness say goodbye. Instead, chaos and riffraff enter the scene of formerly orderly, democratic structures. Causality must be based on facts and, moreover, on logic. There are no alternative forms for either.

No one has the right to their own reality. But this is exactly what more and more very stupid äpeople now claim for themselves.

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