Before the Big Bang…??? Part 5


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The first particles

One of the most important questions is, when did they appear?

Also to this I would like to give an answer and this is: Now the primeval bubble comes again into the play, because its medium which fell back from its wrong into the normal, much cooler but correct normal state set free enormous amounts of energy thereby.

Exactly this transition which was equated in one of my first contributions by me as overheated water, the explosive escape of an expanding steam bubble, exactly this led to an extremely abrupt expansion. And exactly this is the „inflation“ of the cosmologists.

The whole happened In an unimaginably short time, in about 10-³⁴ seconds, and a spatial expansion by a factor 10²⁶ ; or more instead of.

Process finished, the system has abruptly fallen back into the correct normal state. But well noticed, the energy difference between the wrong and the correct normal state received thereby was available now in the space.

One thing can be said confidently without saying anything wrong. A comparable moment in such a short time and with such an expansion rate will not exist here, now and today. I propose to call the unique event in the history of our universe its birth. …..der „Big Bang.“

I will describe this event in a little more detail: in a bubbling primordial medium, an extremely small fluctuation of density occurs.

Quantum mechanics predicts something important about this, namely that such a fluctuation can occur again and again with an approximate probability.

In our considered case it creates a bubble in which the described system changes from the wrong to the right normal state.

If we look at the bubble and first encounter the energy density, we can see that within the bubble it is only slightly lower than that of the wrong state. Still it expands with one of the before described violent „primeval rate“. Suddenly something happens, it is a transition into the crash of the energetically lower „normal state“. Furthermore the expansion comes almost to a standstill and one can say now: The inflation is finished. That, namely our universe, is born. This is then the start into the „big bang cosmology“ or as expressed as follows, it is the development -after the big bang- .

As I have already pointed out, also something unique happens. The crash into the normal state suddenly releases the energy difference to the “ higher“ wrong normal state into the space. It is flung into the space, so to speak.

Now we are with the multiverse, always think about it when reading. Now to the primeval world bubble, from it the released energy comes, which was responsible for the emergence of all fragments of the whole coming world. Energy is deposited in the empty space.

Empty space what is it actually? Let’s leave out the mentioned dark energy for the explanation, because it forms the space….but not its contents.

Now to become smarter, we let the British physicist Paul Dirac speak. The empty space is empty only at the first sight: It is a sea of virtual particles, the sea of all particles which could not get into the reality yet because they lacked the energy for it.

How can one imagine the empty space? So with the water I started in part 2. I tend with a description strongly to take again something „watery“. Because just descriptions should lead to the fact that the reader is ready to accept the idea as soon as possible so that a meaningful further reading is possible.

I take something watery, a sea. Under its surface all kinds wait to show themselves with energy at the surface. Only there is a reality. The next question the reader surely asks himself is: What are particles? Are there certain kinds? – Now we start into the particle physics.

The today’s world says and also knows, there are diverse kinds, and these stand in interaction with each other with different forces.

It should be pointed out that this diversity has developed only in the course of the time after the big bang.

Look at the living beings also they have developed demonstrably from simpler archetypes…..Evolution needs time !

Here now the typical physicist comes into the picture…..and please don’t be surprised. The physicist loves it to start from so-called judgements. But with attempts it remained only ? A really definite solution is still waiting. However two clear basic forms already existed after the big bang. Because they were created thanks to the available energy.

So I like to dedicate myself to these particle types !


                                      – Matter particles and force particles –

Let’s have a look at these two kinds of particles in rest. The one I count to the basic building blocks of the matter, from which „everything“ really „everything“ is built. Now I hunt for the other particles.

Thereby it comes out, they mediate the „interaction“ between the former – Let’s say quite naively, they are therefore the glue with which all basic building blocks of matter are put together.

But these particles have an additional special meaning: Often they are sent out as scouts if for example matter ponds collide; quasi as the signal for such an event.

Let’s go back to the matter particles.

Let’s do simply the following, we decompose the matter into smaller and smaller components. What goes on so in us with the decomposition? We expect to come quite simply to the limit which says: … „there are the smallest building blocks of the matter“ Good statement, however, it makes sense only if a further reduction is not feasible any more. So an end of the divisibility is reached!

This end of the divisibility is occupied today of course also with a new term : – The „Quarks“! – Now a name must fall: Lukrez (a Roman philosopher) It was him who already, one can hardly believe it, more than two thousand years ago, set up a fundamental „assumption“ which is called there: „the really last components of the matter can never exist individually! They are always only a part of a connection. If they would exist individually, one could ask again what they would consist of“. Therefore, so he meant, such a „particle“ could always exist only „as an original component of a bigger body from which no force can never separate it“. That would be then a logical end of divisibility.  I have called this statement of him quite consciously only as „assumption“. Because I am sure that you readers realize after repeated reading of the lines what this assumption has for a great meaning.

Indeed, the quarks fulfill this often mentioned Lucretius‘ demand: in the language of today’s physics, we say „quark confinement“ – and that means: -one quark never occurs alone – .

Nucleons (particle types of the atomic nucleus: protons and neutrons ) consist of three quarks coupled together, and no force will ever be able to split them.

Unsuccessful experiments in the past have always shown it. Meanwhile, science has succeeded in deriving a theory for the interaction of the quarks! Where this leads probably ? ….Right….it leads to the indivisibility !!!!!

What is to be mentioned, however, absolutely, immediately after the big bang one did not have these worries ?! ?!?! There was no empty space, nothing at all……..

Now to the energy consideration, the released was accordingly big that from it an unimaginable dense, thus listed quantity of particles (quarks) originated.

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