Before the Big Bang…??? Part 4

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It must also be said that only the unique and only universe „???“ also leads into enormous problems. Because it comes inevitably to the enormously important question: Where remains the former and comprehensible „inflation“ ?

It remains just not attainable in the framework of our understandable physics.

I consider it at this time already as important to evaluate that also a unique, alone universe points very clearly to problems like the „inflation“. One tends quickly in scientific circles to say the conventional physics will appear here hardly understandable and further explanations are necessary; and this I will do of course!

Our own universe is, and I say, as far as we can judge, our own universe in largest, cosmic dimensions (the mentioned „intergalactic“) is completely uniform, i.e. homogeneous and isotropic. We usually call this the cosmological principle. Accordingly, of course, this is valid only on the average for huge regions.

I catch myself with the boring round view into our „domestic“ space region ( the solar system and a „few millimeters“ more, thus into the Milky Way). It is certainly not uniform. Only if one looks at enormously big, thus cosmic areas, the sheet turns, these areas do not differ then any more from each other.

Now I may say it halt: The universe is uniform in the mean, in every direction and in every space area.

The consideration of the space is finished. Let’s turn to the time, because this is not valid for it. It has changed since the big bang continuously, speak even dramatically ! ….. finally gives a time direction, speak an arrow of the happening. Which direction has it ? Simply, ….from the truly hot gas to the already known cosmos and this is full of galaxies.

Please note this subject. I touch a little later in these articles mentioned by name more.

I consider the case of the multiverse. Certainly it is not possible to distinguish different spatial areas from each other. Even if they are spatially very large. So the state of affairs looks here certainly different!

They are just not uniform.

Just the „wrong“ normal state of the primeval world lets everywhere further expanding bubbles of the „right“ normal state develop.

And these are the future universes……also the primeval world itself expands enormously.

The multiverse is to be compared a little with an overheated expanding soup from which bubbles escape constantly. It is important to mention, such a condition does not change even with time. Space and time appear equivalent .

I pass now to the bubbles of the strange primeval world and we can state they are just here and there in bigger or smaller form, now or later. Everything expands continuously – I mean the overheated primeval medium. So it becomes more. One can call the primeval medium fractal. Such spatial and temporal irregularities are called fractal today. (designates complex structures, which are produced from forms repeating themselves always; one calls this also self-similar).

So we draw a line now and look back briefly. There must be bigger and smaller bubbles, they appear sometimes earlier, sometimes later. From this I draw the following conclusion : „that our whole universe, from the big bang up to today, is only one of on long term infinitely many, in similar way originated universe. Already Copernicus had abolished the conception of the earth as center of the world at that time and with it he created our special status in the universe anew. The today’s created world view takes him of course also to our universe. ……..and unfortunately we do not know and will never know what happens in the others.

Such a conception shows of course various new findings. One of them is:

Today’s world is only possible, because the different „natural constants“ have the values, which we find and further, would be for example electrons much heavier, or could protons easily decay, then there would be certainly no world like ours. Why actually they have exactly those values which are necessary for our existence? Lapidary I say, the values of the nature constants in the different universes of the multiverse are distributed just by chance arbitrarily and our universe got purely by chance the „right“ ones.

It is sure and it is like „toothache“ to speak here of a purposeful creation. Up to now we have looked at the origin of our universe in a much bigger frame, just from the outside. Not long lingered, we return now again before our own „front door“. So back into our world. As already often mentioned in my contributions. The astronomical observations in the twenties of the last century, which Edwin Hubble carried out at the Mount Wilson Observatory in California, tell us unambiguously, distant galaxies move steadily further away from us and that the faster, the further away they are.

Also the reason for it is known – it is nothing else than the mentioned expansion of the whole space, namely driven by what remains of the „dark space energy“ in the present normal state.

Now the whole thing turned back, so I come to the beginning of the best scientific statements. It was no better than the physicist and „priest“ Georges Lemaître! He had the stuff to come to the following derivation: „The big bang is the beginning of our world. Very intensive measurements showed that this has taken place before approx. fourteen billion years.

Then it came even better and more impressive. The American physicists Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, it was in the year 1946, there they discovered the still today provable glow of the big bang. It is called the cosmic background radiation.

The wrong normal state decayed and a part of the energy released by it changed in the course of a certain time into „photons“, thus into light particles.

Very early, i.e. in an early phase of the development, there was an interaction of the photons with various other generated, electrically charged particles.

Only a short time later -I will address the subject more explicitly- many of the generated particles annihilated each other. But thereby still additional photons were generated or better „brought into play“. An interaction took place again and this with the remaining positively and negatively charged particles; electrically neutral atoms were created. The interaction of the photons was finished with it.

What was the property of the photons at that time? I say they were now free, decoupled from any form of matter. Now they could spread out unhindered.

Most interesting is the question about the time of the decoupling. That can be determined…….namely about 380,000 years after the big bang. All photons still existing at that time are on the way since then, they fly freely through our space. Because, this is to be mentioned, he has extended, always further. This led to the fact that the wavelength of the photons has become larger of course constantly. However, since this wavelength determines the temperature of the photon gas, I conclude from it that the temperature of the cosmic background radiation of about 300,000 degrees Kelvin has fallen at the decoupling time on today about 3 degrees Kelvin.

It must be pointed out that exactly this 3 degree radiation was measured by Penzias and Wilson at that time. Many exact measurements of this radiation, in all regions and directions of the sky have also confirmed this? No matter where is measured, it always results in these 2.72548 ± 0.00057 degrees Kelvin, identically up to the fourth decimal place.

And this remaining light of the big bang is incredibly well known and up to this accuracy actually proven everywhere the same.

Attention, you will have to pay very close attention. We are about to run full on. On what ?

On a , let’s call it serious problem!

I proceed as follows and assume, there was a spot of the universe at the eastern end of the sky. It was distant at the time of the photon decoupling from another one at the western end by many light years. It is certain, a certainly also only smallest communication between both regions was sheer impossible. But why or better why was however such a perfect synchronization of their radiation temperature present and also possible ?

Western and eastern, these are completely separate spaces! Why do these spaces show absolutely same conditions ?

It is just a powerful riddle and therefore it has occupied the cosmologists also powerfully.

The observed cosmic background radiation contains therefore more information than one has assumed at first.

With it it ( the cosmic background radiation ) shows our only possibility to look for it, and I know today to have found the solution. Yes, it is a form of the inflation. Let me describe it more explicitly.

At the beginning there was only a hot, small dense spot of prime matter, in the spatial extension of course in thermal equilibrium. It can also be compared with a gas at given temperature and given pressure. But now suddenly the inflation began. That is the transition from the wrong into the right normal state. What happened now ? This considered little spot was extended spatially in very short time by a multiple. That is, into areas that could no longer communicate with each other. Let’s like take a look at the „energy“. It was transformed freely and naturally into the particles of our world. Also photons were there.

What absolutely still has to be noticed, at this insane expansion even the absolutely smallest still existing irregularities of the system were smoothed almost completely.

Dear readers, please understand why after that based on the relation between cause and effect; thus causally, the not connected systems can have exactly the same temperature.

They were namely before an explosive expansion separated them from each other by light years, with each other under the same conditions in the same „bag“. From it can be concluded, what is separated today, was once together and could communicate. Cosmic inflation means: that in the inflation process within 10-34 seconds the length scale increased by a factor 10²⁶. That was the big bang. Transferred into today’s measures, the space of the „big bubble“ expanded thereby with a speed which exceeds the speed of light by more than a factor 10⁵⁰.

I summarize again a little bit:

After all today’s physical conceptions I say, this process described by me and some other colleagues is simply unique. However, this is not to mean that he does not repeat himself constantly with the emergence also of other universes in the „multi-universe“ !

But for us humans on the other hand it is and remains unique. Because it is one hundred percent sure, the fate of the other universes is and will never be verifiable for us or other people.

This picture of the inflation, which is new from me, brings nevertheless a simple clarification of two questions.

It shows, I say very clearly, how a universe like ours has developed from the primeval world.
It explains at the same time, why in our universe based on the relationship between cause and effect; causally, not nevertheless something remained from the „flash of the big bang“, from the transition from the wrong into the right state of the primeval world medium.
But furthermore this quite universal temperature value of the radiation shows us that together with the transition a really dramatic spatial expansion, the already mentioned „inflation“ has taken place.
The emergence of a new question, namely the next question doesn’t let wait long: concerns the very first moments after the big bang. How could at the end of the process, something like matter arise from the hot medium of the primeval world? I simply call them judgements, because they were the first and everything, I emphasize „everything“, emerges from them.
Part 5 follows soon with the title: „The first particles“.

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