There is no God, there never has been ! Part 1

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Nevertheless I ask again the old question: Is there a God ?

I am of the opinion, above question we need and must not ask any more !

It belongs clearly into the topic of the „superstition“.
To the memory, they, the questions of the people globally were called and are still called for example:

Where do we come from? …….What is the meaning and plan behind everything? ….. Is there someone out there? ………how can we name him or maybe even see him ?

The creation stories with which mankind in the past still put up with and truly struggled are finally dead and over. They are quite simply no more useful at all and really no more believable. No matter who „announced“ it to them. They were devastating fairy tale lessons and unfortunately still are today.

Those who consider religion and faith necessary to give themselves comfort should be able to cope with it. But it must be said, they are simply too simple-minded and very poorly educated. Some of them are blameless for the condition, because the directors in charge there do not want to allow education. Other people are indifferent and most of them worldwide have already been forced to receive a very bad education from their parents and therefore from their so-called religions !!!!

One must be mentioned, the religions and the faith connected with it becomes worldwide less….fantastic, there are still fictitious miracles.

If I look behind the scenes of the religions, and thus the faith, there have been only ruling persons, gangs and despots in the last millennia. These „rulers“ have always used the religions to rule, to murder and……..sich to the respective living humanity on this planet, in their own way to perpetrate !!!!

The filmmakers belong still to the particularly harmless limited ones, which try spasmodically to fill the young generations with quantity goods at Hirngespinsten, like …..from New Age to Star Trek – …..This brings unfortunately a lot of money for them in….

…..and that’s why they do it !

I say……the real, today known science condemns everything by own researched arguments into the duds with name … „Science_Fiction“ !

Me,… formally satisfied by the knowledge of our real science……and by the way, with it it makes joy to live.

I am a quite simple natural scientist and as such deeply fascinated by comprehensible physics, the cosmology and the universe representing itself. Frightening is only the still predictable, damn short future of mankind !

I have basically picked apart, tried out, examined and even researched some of the things I got my hands on during my life. Even when I felt the „220 volts“ in my body for the first time, I didn’t let go, and then enjoyed the „380 volts“ once in a while. „

„Enjoyed“ ? ….ist of course exaggerated, but I got to taste this tension while „exploring around“.

I spent my life almost just „thinking ahead“ and hated it when I was forced to,……….. to think about it.

Surely even when thinking, one makes mistakes….. and then the task at hand forced one to think after all.

I looked around in the universe with an enthusiasm that can hardly be described and searched for explorable things; and there was always something to find. It is the theoretical physics which constantly helps me to explore new things and to participate in them. I am already sure today, there will always be something to discover……..New of course !!!!

One is quite sure, also after my death there will be people who research with unimaginable eagerness in the universe. The results, so I hope today, will permit the further life of a then hopefully always significantly smaller becoming mankind, still a life on this now already measureless insanely exploited and polluted planet, which can be borne.

I have already mentioned in many of my contributions : the real science is often too difficult and too complicated for amateurs.

But nevertheless certain people will more and more often understand the basic ideas and research results and will be able to classify them correctly and reasonably. From this then a more humane behavior is to be derived.

-Please bring „them“ across to them clearly and without mathematical equations-.

I point very convinced again to it, the picture of the universe has made itself in the last 100 years for many of us very understandable and comprehensible ……. despite, the continuous attempts of the politically and ecclesiastically ruling world-wide to sell the human masses for stupid.

The first moon landing was a great revelation of the new space age. It consisted in the fact that it made possible for mankind the first time the view of itself. Because when you looked at the Earth from space, you felt a sense of unity and we saw ourselves briefly as a whole. We perceived the oneness and not the separateness. Again, a very simple picture emerged with an irrefutable message: here we are on one planet, we are one humanity. Yes, one humanity !
Then we should always behave like that !

I am quite reluctant to be tempted to give the following sentence from me, because the present and the past after the „first moon landing“ says something else.

So the sentence should be called at that time:

I would like to join all those who demand immediate action on crucial challenges of our global community.

Today it says:

I am disappointed in this global society! The demand for action on decisive challenges has never taken place.

I had to become 72 years old to write down a sentence of which I already know, it will not come true or better still, will not become true.

In the meantime I only hope that people with an unimaginable influence and unbridled power will be found. Who then with creative power thus with linguistic competence and creative ability, and fundamental readiness in view of expected disadvantages do something, which one considers to be right. The said presupposes legendary leadership qualities.

For only people who possess such enormous mental power that they achieve the most important goals of sustainable development, and damn not act out of self-interest, but act solely in the interest of the „common good“…….will probably never exist.

The endless research after the origin of the universe has made quite clear to the human being who is also interested in it and who understands therefore also some, a God can never have existed. Because to all knowledge investigated up to now a God has been certainly not necessary. Already none which has impregnated the „virgin“ Mary.

But the people of that time and until today, some believers say: That was the immaculate conception. Surprisingly, a boy, named Jesus came to stande…..and this is then murdered by the Roman rule and then enters the first space flight (ascension) of a dead…..really unbelievable…or ?..Compared to the first moon landing is a joke ?

Besides, this sets the often existing human small-mindedness still the crown on ! ……and this God should have created this universe and have set in motion ?

My answer to this question can only be called:

Dear religion-followers believes calmly further in something unbelievable, who dies stupidly, dies unfortunately also !

Now times Tacheles, again to the researched science back. At that time during my first study time an interesting result of the light research caught me ?????.

Because I had read that one Edwin Hubble had already determined that the light of far distant galaxies is shifted to the red end of the spectrum. And that means clearly, the universe expands.

However if much could be clarified in the first years of the 20-th century already by the science, at the beginning of the 1960s the big question arose in the cosmology:

Did the universe have actually a beginning ?

Many scientists, among them quite naturally also physicists, astronomers and astrophysicists, rejected the thought instinctively, which does not sound so strange at all, because they believed, a moment of the creation mentioned by many is just a point, about which the science does not want to say anything at all and even wants.

I say, people who ask such questions are just always: „Typically human“ . You lost ones, hold yourselves to the religion and to the hand of the God created by yourselves, he regulates this already.

The most disgusting is the hypocrisy of politicians and other rulers who tell the people that they believe in God. So one sells the peoples just for stupid; it is succeeded by them again and again!

Poor, stupid peoples !!!!

Undoubtedly, what is said is always a question of fundamental importance and thus exactly what I need to become clear, keep as many people as possible from the religions…..then it can only get better !

Part 2 follows

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