Is survival on planet earth possible ? Part 1

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If I ask my head, what do you remember? Then he answers with the question: What subject?
…and all of a sudden, everything works again. I remember again the last few years of my life…….and I know very well about politics:
The world has become frighteningly unstable politically ! People have more and more the feeling that they have been left behind economically and socially. And as a result, they are joining populists. Or one could also come to the conclusion that they at least join popular politicians…….which would have even more terrible consequences !!!!!!!

These popular politicians almost always have very little and damned limited government experience and therefore one can assume that the ability to keep calm and keep a cool head in a crisis is almost at absolute zero with them. (See Corona crisis)

It is therefore very likely that reckless or criminally malicious forces will trigger a worldwide disaster.
Our planet faces many catastrophic threats in these times. My often desired optimism is completely gone. Please excuse this loose language on this terribly serious subject.

There will be enormous threats, and they will come in huge numbers. Let me just list them: ……This planet is simply already too small for humanity….Our resources, i.e. the mineral resources, are depleting at a rapid rate….and it goes on, our planet has received a special questionable gift from us, climate change.
(Oh, climate change……Corona can be much worse)
…I’m afraid there’s more to my list of disaster situations.

If one considers the upcoming catastrophes, such as rising temperatures, increasing amounts of water in the world’s oceans, dissolving permafrost, dying forests, decline of the polar caps and please think especially of overpopulation, diseases, wars, famines, permanent water shortage, extinction and decimation of animal species!
One says very fast, ah, many problems are certainly solvable. The most thought only, all are not solved up to now and also will not be solved. Mankind is not only forgetful but also highly indifferent !
………it has been since its existence……..
…….and it is also certain that we humans all together, cause the global warming with terrible consequences for nature, for us and for posterity.

Nobody can deny it, mankind has always had new desires according to the current state of affairs in his wallet. I will list some of them and please, don’t tell anyone, I won’t!
Briefly brought to a denominator, we want cars, many journeys, a higher and higher standard of living…….and various things more.
Listen carefully, don’t say that you are deaf on your ears at the moment. The biggest problem is only: if people finally realize what they are doing, I think it is, most likely, already too late. We are, whether anyone wants to hear it or not, very close to the threshold of a second nuclear age and a period of unprecedented climate change. Remember the temperatures worldwide, are not decreasing !……..not decreasing !…..but increasing !

We scientists certainly have a special responsibility to inform the public and advise political leaders on the dangers facing humanity. Just switch on your thinking apparatus…………..It is, by the way, at the top of your head !!

I myself am a scientist, like many others! We know one hundred percent the dangers of nuclear weapons and their devastating effects on a future life of mankind. We have studied for a long time. But there is one thing we have quickly understood, and that is how human activities (especially political) and industrial technologies are attacking the climate systems in a brutal, capitalist way. It is as certain as the „Amen“ in the churches that life has been and is being changed day by day on this mini-planet Earth in a permanent and ever-increasing chaos !

As one of the many still living world citizens, we have the duty (unfortunately not the power) not to keep this knowledge to ourselves, but the broadest public must be made aware of the unnecessary risks and deadly consequences day by day. ……….with which we live every day.

There is a great danger coming, and if the governments and societies of this planet do not take action now to make nuclear weapons superfluous and not to stop the continuing climate change as soon as possible, …………then that’s it !
My last big request in my life is the following: …..go and change it ! Not sometime, but immediately.
But the reality is different, many of the living politicians deny the reality of man-made climate change – or maybe even man’s ability to stop it (the climate change), even though at the exact same time the following is happening ……..our world is facing increasing, highly threatening environmental crises at the moment.

It is important to remember, and this would be very dangerous, that the global warming that already exists is becoming purely self-sustaining, but perhaps this has already happened. The melting of the ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctic, which I mentioned earlier, is of course demonstrably reducing an enormous amount of solar energy, which is actually being reflected back into space, but this continues to increase the earth’s temperature.
Climate change is destroying the Amazon rainforest and other rainforests because of the facts mentioned above. As a result, one of the most important natural processes by which carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere is disappearing. A second important point is a tremendous rise in sea temperature, which could lead to the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide. So these two phenomena reinforce the greenhouse effect and thus global warming overall.

These two effects could then lead to a climate similar to that on Venus: boiling hot, sulphuric acid rain and a temperature of about well over 200 degrees. One thing we can already say now, a „human life“ would certainly no longer be possible. We all have to do much more than what the Kyoto Protocol stipulates. In this international agreement, it was finally agreed in 1997. It calls for an absolute radical reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

As far as reduction technologies are concerned, of course we have them. But there is something else we lack, which is „political will“. Political and both economic and karstified structures can be an ignorant, thoughtless heap. I’m sure you know, dear readers, what is meant by that.

In the history of mankind we have been confronted with similar or other crises. There was a solution for these. For example, settling on a new continent. Just think of the discovery of the New World, around 1492. But now there is no New World any more. Especially not just around the corner. Our living space has become scarce and with a steadily increasing world population it is becoming more and more scarce. We actually have no other choice but to move to other worlds. Very simple, why haven’t we already started ?
Just by the way, the universe is a space of violence:
Stars devour planets, supernovas fire deadly rays, black holes collide, and asteroids race through space at speeds of hundreds of kilometers per second.
…….and violence is something we’re already used to on this planet.

Phenomena take place that normally make us shiver and therefore space will not seem very inviting to us. However, there might be some „crazy people“ who think they heard the grass grow and think that the reasons mentioned before make sense to go for a walk in space. Why should one keep still on the boring planet „Earth“ ? By the way, a collision with an asteroid would be no problem, the last collision took place 70 million years ago. It killed a few dinosaurs and it will happen again. I don’t want to paint the devil in the face, but it’s just given by the laws of nature and the laws of probability.
So, away from sarcasm, to reality !

According to today’s knowledge of the current political sceneries, a „nuclear war“ will probably still be the biggest threat for mankind. Unfortunately, a large part of the now living humanity has simply suppressed this danger. Russia and the USA are no longer so „ready for war“, but they still have so many nuclear warheads that they could destroy everything that lives on planet earth.

Anything can happen, but hopefully never ! Part 2

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