She causes the death of mankind herself !

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You ask what for ?
The answer is obvious: It is the steady, i.e. incessant increase of mankind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
„Who nowadays still belongs to one of these religious gangs or says he believes in one God or several, can only be an idiot.
Because he is too weak spiritually himself to realize that it was, is and will always be only men who believe and spread this nonsense.
………………..nobody else !!! and will continue to do so for as long as there will be human beings……about 500 to about 750 years !!!!!!!!
Just take a look how much CO ² an average long living human being produces……whether he wants to or not !
For Germany the Federal Environment Agency has calculated an annual per capita amount for each citizen, which is 11.1 tons. As environmentally friendly, the authority records a CO2 emission of 2.5 tons. But already the average mark for the whole world population is with 6.8 tons clearly above that. 
…well then cheers ?!@&%€§# There is absolutely no proof for the existence of God. This one sentence should actually be enough to say goodbye to faith once and for all. 
There is not the most microscopic proof for a God – no matter which name was temporarily given to him by the respective living mankind – and that for thousands of years of human history. It is by far not the only good reason to say that we are actually godless?
Why do people always believe only in their own God, whom they have thought up in the course of time? So why not go from being 99.9% atheists to 100% atheists?
Good sayings, which I already know from my father, are: You must not eat everything and believe absolutely not everything !
A lot of habits are discarded at a young age. But believers usually remain believers only because their parents already were. Who has consciously sought his religion himself? One must overcome this almost forced way of life, otherwise this raised roundabout will continue to turn until the death of the individual.
Poor Maria…..Man does not check it The Bible is the thickest book (quasi ham) full of untruths and false, invented traditions. Oh, fear, these are for the believers nevertheless something like central supports of the faith. I have taken a look: So the word „almah“ in Hebrew, the language in which the Bible was written, is actually called „young woman“. But you can hardly believe it, in the Greek translation it then became „parthenos“ which means virgin. That is why the Mother of Jesus was a virgin at birth – truly a miracle, very strange, not ?
My invisible riddle but still my friend If you get into a discussion with the dear believers that goes almost into the endless, the most popular argument of believers always blows up in your face: 
God cannot be refuted! 
…….yes, but he can’t be proven either. 
If you look at other, let’s say pseudo-entities like the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny. Santa Claus or the flying classroom – all on the same level of assumed existence – the argument that something exists, just because you can’t prove that it doesn’t exist, makes you feel equally stupid, doesn’t it?
Oh, nature is wonderfully beautiful…
Often you hear them moaning, or they are absorbed in their thoughts – without Our Lord, everything would be so senseless and dull in nature.
I think that was not it ! I enjoy my nature, i.e. its beauty, because I can see and touch it and certainly do not think of a fairy who possibly calls herself God Small but pay attention. It ends, for the believers at the so-called heavenly tent and their God, although he has never been seen before, rules over the earth, okay. ……I forget !
But now another statement: What is there wonderful to look at ?
E.g. Mars, Venus and the legendary billions of suns of other galaxies ? The already earth-like planets? …and much more…
I know that there are some more planets in our solar system, like the two planets mentioned ? So five in addition…
Meanwhile you read or hear a little bit more about it – maybe on TV. 
I say that the fictitious God remains a small-minded man, who on earth, out of pure pleasure, picks on people.
He shall kill his only son Isaac….you believers listen up….
What’s wrong with this God? The old ham ( sorry ), the Old Testament says he punished all those who turned against him ( brutal flayer of men ) But then, hardly to believe, he becomes incredibly dear in the New Testament. 
For all believers: To the self-praising rulers, today as then, the interpretation of what God is like or what He wants from us…. is purely in our hands. (Attention, in the hand of the religious colonels) So purely in human hands. – Hello masturbation !
This God does not perform miracles and does not answer prayers !?
Ever heard of it? I don’t…….

……..he is simply not there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My advice : Should we save the energy for prayers, church visits and church tax ?
…..better leave right away, save money for the bullshit !!!!
Couldn’t you use the church tax more sensible?
Myths and legends So honestly, don’t you think the bible is a collection of fairy tales and it was also meant as such.
The so-called „big-heads“ whether religious, or ruling, have and still do it today: ……What??
Have a joy in seeing how stupid the populations of this planet are, because most of them believe in it or act as described there.
I suggest you read more sophisticated fairy tales to your child. (Brothers Grimm, Ludwig Bechstein, H.C. Andersen, J. W. Wolf. etc.)
But if the stories in the Bible are fiction (which is not disputed, not even by theologians), then why not the main character?
One hears it unfortunately all too often : Death to the unbelievers !
God or faith truly do not include ethical behaviour. Let’s take a look at the times when almost all people could officially be called believers. There were also masses of crimes: e.g. :
⁃ wars and the incitement to them ⁃ murder and manslaughter and so on and so on. And, of course, the highest religious dignitaries (i.e. the bigwigs) also took part. One called purely naturally and completely normally to violence. They are still doing it today…..and will certainly do it in the distant future…….Because there are enough idiots out there.
Also, the dear God will in many an emergency probably no one with the invisible surveillance camera in the sky from a sin to his own advantage. He promises without confession the entrance into hell.
But who is afraid of (divine) punishment and crimes?
Leaving the church 1st suggestion : Go to the district court, the following federal states (Berlin, Brandenburg, Hessen or North Rhine-Westphalia) For the rest of Germany go to the (registry office) and leave.
One pays depending upon Land of the Federal Republic usually between 0€ and 40€. Who already pays taxes, the amount comes over the saved church tax but quickly back in. Further documents are not necessary.
I can gladly only make the suggestion : “ Read times Richard Dawkins – the God delusion –

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